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Career Section – Your Gateway to finding that Perfect Talent

Kelly Barcelos on December 28, 2015 in Recruitment Strategy

Ask an HR executive what he hates the most about his job. The answer most likely is ‘finding the right talent.’ Even with all these consultancy firms and job portals around, things have not got easier.

What if the solution is right there on the company website? Yes, it is the career section of the portal that can help in scouting skilled manpower.

  • Don’t undermine the significance of ‘career section’

    As per a survey, 71.8% fresh graduates prefer to look for jobs via the career section on a company’s website. This finding is of the AfterCollege Job Seeker Survey carried out in 2013. In last three years, this figure would have definitely increased with the Internet boom.

    The career segment is like a magnet. If used properly, it can work wonders for the HR department. These days candidates search about the company on the Internet before applying for a job. The search would direct to the homepage, and job seeker will first look for the ‘work with us’ category. This section will answer all his questions relating to the organization and the application process.

    To get talented, enthusiastic and motivated people, design a rock solid career category. Here are some tips to keep the section eye-catching, interesting and compelling.

  • Keep the job list updated

    Don’t confuse your potential job seeker. Get into the habit of updating the vacancies and removing the outdated or filled up positions. Remember, it is the career site that will attract good candidates. People have become internet savvy, and when they come across outdated job postings, it sends a wrong signal to them.

    Update your old jobs listings so that your visitors know which positions are vacant. In case there are no vacancies, just ask people to send over their CVs for future consideration. This way the potential candidate will, at least, keep track of the updates on your career section.
  • Simplified Search Engine

    Keep the internal search engine simple for a job hunter. The applicant should gain access to potential openings without any difficulty. Add filters to search functions like job category, location, position, and qualification. This makes it is easier to attract a good pool of aspirants.

    Jobs needing immediate attention can be posted on the homepage, closer to the search box in the form of news or notice. It will catch instant attention, more so for critical openings.
  • Make Application Process Easy

    A complicated and long application process will dissuade aspirants. Keep things simple so that the job seekers do not end up hopping from one page to another. Set up a system where it is easier to submit a CV and apply for a particular position. A quicker process will result in having a large number of applications. Then just catch the big fish from the pond.

  • Build a sound Employer Branding

    Give a virtual tour to aspirants with content that is useful in making a decision. Include quotes from employees and put up a video showing the workplace. Also, add testimonies and success stories. Invest in employer branding that shows company’s work atmospheres, mission, and vision.

    Have a provision where candidates can interact with the company’s representative. The bottom line is to give all the information that an aspirant is looking for.
  • Create unique and innovative visual presentation

    The Law of attraction can work wonders even for something like recruitment which is a serious business. When designing the career section, concentrate on having an engaging format. Include eye-catching visuals and texts instead of a stale looking presentation. Think beyond black and white; select a layout that will attract attention. It will increase traffic and attract the best talent.

  • Arch lights sections of a website

    The two most significant sections of a website are the About Us and Career pages. Job seekers will form an impression based on the details furnished in these two segments.Candidates scanning through ‘About Us’ section will want information in a nutshell.

    These would be the organization’s description and its business interest. Give a glimpse of the company’s history and the board of directors. Highlight important press releases and financial reports (read public company).

    Career section page(s) should give out complete information on the recruitment process. List jobs enumerating job qualification and specification along with expected salary. It will motivate people to apply.

  • Keep the career section alive and kicking

    An old restaurant attracts the crowd by reinventing itself. Same holds true for an existing career section. Update and change this section every six months. If you run a static site, it is high time you turn it into a dynamic version and make it mobile friendly. Stop running from pillar to post hunting for top aspirants. Build a sound career section and get desired results within no time. This will save time, effort and dime.

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Kelly Barcelos

Kelly Barcelos is a progressive digital marketing manager specializing in HR and is responsible for leading Jobsoid’s content and social media team. When Kelly is not building campaigns, she is busy creating content and preparing PR topics. She started with Jobsoid as a social media strategist and eventually took over the entire digital marketing team with her innovative approach and technical expertise.