How do you choose the best ATS

How do you Choose the Best ATS? 

Anjali Saini on March 5, 2024 in Applicant Tracking System

Key Highlights

  • 94% of HR professionals support using ATS for hiring in their teams.
  • ATS helps in scheduling interviews to select the best candidates.
  • Jobsoid ATS has an easy-to-use interface and mobile compatibility.

Hiring is a challenging task. This is why most HRs use powerful tools to make their work easier. One of the everyday tools for HR teams is Applicant Tracking Software or ATS. It’s a key player in how they find and choose new talent. In fact, 94% of HR pros agree using recruitment software has improved their process. This software makes everyday tasks easier and widens the reach of recruiters.

If you think, “What should I look for in an ATS?”, we got you covered. Keep reading to discover the key features to look for in applicant tracking software.

Why do you need applicant tracking software?

The proper ATS (Applicant Tracking System) can make a big difference for recruiters, helping them to:

  1. Create better job descriptions

    An organization creates a job posting when it needs someone to join the team. The job description must show what’s essential for the job, but it also needs to catch the eye of the best candidates. An ATS has templates with critical words to use in job descriptions. This helps get the attention at the right time and in the places where the best candidates are looking.

  2. Reach more candidates with less trouble

    The best applicant tracking system helps recruiters match job posts to the right websites and social media channels for specific candidates. It also ensures that internal job posts are seen more, making it easier for people to apply. This means less hassle and more chances for the right people to know the job.

  3. Save time and work more efficiently

    An ATS can change and automate manual tasks during the hiring process. This includes automatic job posting and communication and setting up interviews online. This helps employers rely less on scattered paper and email processes. By doing this, they can prevent good candidates from being overlooked and avoid mistakes. It also helps speed up the hiring process, making it more cost-effective. Putting sensitive data in one secure place also makes sure it’s safe.

  4. Improve teamwork and communication

    Just like candidates are in different places, so are the hiring people. Many organizations have difficulty working well together because they use other methods and tools. An ATS lets the whole hiring team see where a candidate is in the process, what has happened, and what’s next. Alerts can be set up so important things are not forgotten, and great candidates are not lost.

Top 7 applicant tracking system features

ATS is a type of recruitment software designed to help organize, monitor, and carry out hiring processes. Here are some of its features worth looking for:

  1. Supports mobile compatibility

    The ATS should work well on phones, either through an app or a website that’s easy to use on mobiles. Candidates shouldn’t struggle to send their job applications to you. Ensure candidates can easily share their details however they want—by sending a resume, applying through LinkedIn, or even taking a picture of their resume with their phone. Your hiring system should make things smooth between you and your ideal candidates, even when you’re on the move.

  2. Provides customization

    Your job site is one of the first ways you show your company to possible candidates. Ensure your applicant tracking system software lets you change how your job site looks and feels. It should also work well on phones, not just on computers.

  3. Schedules interviews seamlessly

    When dealing with interview organization, simpler is better. You need to check to see if the ATS can handle things automatically. When planning interviews, it should easily fit with everyone’s schedule. Having a well-organized interview process gets better feedback. Also, check if you can use interview kits and scorecards. This is why nearly all Fortune 500 companies use ATS to save their time in hiring candidates.

  4. Provides user-friendly interface

    An easy-to-use system helps recruiters work better and make fewer mistakes by giving clear instructions. When buying, it’s essential to choose a user-friendly ATS. This reduces training time, gets more people to use it, and improves HR overall.

  5. Enhances employer branding

    How your company is seen is essential for getting great people to join your team. The proper ATS lets you change it to match your company’s unique vibe. You can share stories about your employees, talk about your mission, or even show a video of what a day is like at your company. These personal touches make your brand stand out in the job market and connect with possible candidates on a deeper level. This unique way of showing your brand in the ATS can help bring talent that fits your company’s values and vibe.

  6. Possesses analytical capabilities

    It’s crucial that the numbers and graphs in your recruitment software are simple and can be changed to fit your needs. Whether starting with ready-made reports or tweaking the numbers for a specific question, your hiring software should let you make these changes. Extra visual features like dashboards show your essential numbers and trends, like how long it takes to hire or any challenges. Such dashboards must be easy-to-read to help you quickly see and solve hiring issues at a glance.

  7. Supports automation features

    Your hiring software should let you do things automatically and make significant changes easily when needed. For instance, a recruiter might need to tell many employees about a new person joining and share details about them. HR folks also like to send welcome messages to new employees without doing it all by hand.

Key Takeaways

Using applicant tracking system features is essential for HR teams. Many HR professionals say it helps make their hiring process better. The best ATS has features like working well on phones, letting you customize your job site, making interview scheduling easy, having a user-friendly interface, showcasing your company’s brand, providing helpful analytics, and automating things.

Picking an ATS with these features doesn’t just help your recruiting team; it also makes things better for people applying for jobs. If you are looking for the best applicant tracking system, opt for Jobsoid.

To understand its features better, book a demo today.

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