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How to convey your Company Culture in Job Descriptions

Kelly Barcelos on January 30, 2021 in Applicant Tracking System

Job descriptions are a crucial component in the hiring process. Besides outlining what the job entails, a job description helps in attracting the right talent. So, next time you write a job description, ensure to write it in a way that brings in candidates who will be a great fit to your existing team.

Apart from mentioning the soft and technical skills needed, a job description should portray your company culture smartly. So applicants browsing through job ads are likely to apply if your company culture resonates with theirs. Likewise, the candidates know beforehand what’s in store, if they take up the job.

However, bear in mind to make your culture reflect positivity and growth to make the right impression.

How to convey your company culture in job descriptions?

To help you pen down a striking job description that mirrors your company culture as well as the job role, you need to note down the following pointers.

Company Objectives

Let the potential hires know the company’s mission, vision, and how they can contribute to it. Doing so lets the applicant know that the role they are applying for is vital in adding value to the company’s long term goals. Thus, you are not only able to attract the attention of a large number of candidates but, most importantly, of those who share similar ideologies.

Job Responsibilities

Here you need to mention all the responsibilities the applicant should shoulder while at work. It is the day-to-day duties or any other specific tasks you want the employee to carry out. However, while mentioning these in the job description, make certain that it is in-depth information. This will ensure that the candidates who are genuinely interested will apply for the advertised post.

Work Experience

An important element in making a successful hire is mentioning the desired work experience. This will help you in shortlisting candidates that have proven work experience and industry knowledge. In addition to this, you can also state the job experience and knowledge a candidate will receive at the particular job role. Mention how it will aid in skill-building and in strengthening the candidate’s expertise in the said industry. All this if they are considered for the open position. Thus, helping the candidate make a more informed choice.

Job Benefits

A candidate is more likely to take up a job role if he/she is aware of the benefits the company offers. So, do not miss on highlighting the perks you offer to your candidates. You can mention benefits a full-time employee is entitled to, such as health insurance, PF, or flexible work hours. It is a good idea to mention these as the candidate is likely to see your company and culture in a good light.

Company Overview

Providing a brief overview of the company at the beginning or end of the job description is always a smart idea. Before applying for a job, the candidate will be aware of the company’s values and goals. While writing the overview, use simple and clear language and portray a positive attitude and growth. A company overview will also aid in making the company known to a larger audience.

These pointers are sure to make your job descriptions reflect your company culture. While at it, ensure that you avoid using language that is inappropriate and buzzwords that lower candidate engagement. The language and words you use reflect the way candidates interpret your company culture. For instance, if your company culture is formal, use words that sound professional and adopt a casual tone if it is a bit relaxed setup.

Similarly, using clichés and buzzwords will weed out potential candidates quite early in the hiring process. Thus leaving you with applicants that do not match the job role or those with inadequate knowledge.


Now that you know how to convey your company culture in job descriptions, you can attract top talent by writing engaging ones. Job descriptions that are simple, comprehensive, and industry-specific are sure to be a crowd puller.

To simplify the process, register with recruiting software that helps generate engaging job descriptions for free. For instance, Jobsoid offers a library of free job descriptions that cover various job roles across different industries. All you need to do is:

  • Scroll to the desired industry from an extensive list of job descriptions
  • Pick the job role and, if need be, customize it to match your job requirements
  • Once done, proceed to post across leading job boards

You can also download a PDF copy of the same for your reference. Moreover, Jobsoid allows you to make the job ad visible on your social media networks as well. A great way to target a large talent pool.

Not only will you be able to attract top talent and reflect company culture, but Jobsoid will also help you in promoting your employer brand. To get started, register with Jobsoid for free and see your company and its culture getting noticed in no time at all!



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