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How to interview a candidates?

Kelly Barcelos on February 8, 2021 in Recruitment Process

Hiring the right talent significantly depends on your interview process. But, scanning through a lengthy list of candidates can be tiresome and overwhelming. However, you can make the entire process worthwhile for yourself and the candidate by having a strategy in place. If conducted strategically, personal interviews are a great way to know potential hires and what they have to offer.

Since interviews last for a short period of time, planning and structuring interviews is vital. A well-planned interview can be rewarding to both the parties involved. Moreover, an effective interview process can hold the power to make or break your company’s reputation in the eyes of the candidate.

How to interview a candidates?

Here is a checklist you need to follow to ensure you do not miss on important candidate details. This will also ensure a positive interview experience, at the same time.

  • Choose an appropriate interview location

    The interview location can determine the effectiveness of the interview process. So, choose a place that is free of any sort of distraction. Ideally, interviewing your candidates in the office is a good choice as it allows having a private conversation.

    Not being in a crowded place is likely to make the candidate feel relaxed and help foster a positive experience. However, ensure to plan and choose the location beforehand to avoid any last-minute confusion. Also, do not forget to communicate the interview timings and location with the candidate a day prior.

  • Let the applicant feel at ease

    Establishing a rapport with the applicant is the first step to offering a positive interview experience. Give the candidate time to settle and get ready for the interview. Maintain eye contact and inquire if the candidate needs to use the washroom or offer them a glass of water. This will help the candidate feel relaxed and answer the interview with a fresh mindset.

  • Help the candidate loosen up

    Directly proceeding to the specific interview questions may seem abrupt and hasty. So, begin by asking the candidate about their hobbies or interest or what made them apply for the job role. This will make the candidate understand that you are equally invested in the interview process as them. Also, prepare yourself to improvise on the questions based on the candidate’s response.

  • Listen to the candidate speak

    Knowing the candidates and finding if they are a perfect fit for the job role is crucial in making a successful hire. To understand this, let the interview process be conversational. Allow the candidate to ask questions about the company or the job role. Listen to what they have to offer and pay close attention to the body language and personal grooming habits.

  • Review the candidate’s resume/cover letter and take notes

    Before you begin interviewing, review the candidate’s resume and cover letter thoroughly. Check if the resume covers all the skills and experience needed for the advertised job role. Upon reviewing and taking notes of important candidate information, proceed to questioning your candidates about the same.

    You can ask the candidate to elaborate or clarify certain points mentioned in their resume. Taking note of the responses and reviewing those later is a good choice if you plan on interviewing other applicants during the day.

  • Jot down the interview questions you wish to ask

    Now that you have reviewed the resume, follow it by preparing a list of interview questions. Begin by asking open-ended questions so you can evaluate the candidate’s critical thinking ability. These questions also allow candidates to communicate effectively and to put across their thoughts. Depending on whether it is an in-person or video screening, limit the number of questions and the interview duration.

  • Inform candidate on the hiring steps to follow

    Let the candidates know what they can expect post the interview. Explain your company’s hiring process and policy so that the candidates can prepare themselves for the same. If your hiring process entails making a phone call to communicate the interview status, do make the call. Likewise, if your hiring process works over an email then do not miss sending an email to the candidate stating their interview progress.

Now that you are aware of how you can create a positive interview experience, foster a culture of employee retention. Use a recruiting software that allows you to keep a tab of all candidate applications from a centralized location.

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