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How to use Gamification in HR for Employee Engagement?

Anjali Saini on March 13, 2024 in Recruitment Process

Key highlights

  • Gamification in recruitment has changed the mundane way of recruiting and offers candidates a more interactive and fun way to engage.
  • With gamification recruiting, companies can evaluate the true abilities of the candidates and ensure successful hiring.
  • By choosing the right hiring tool like Jobsoid, you can make the entire screening process much smoother and more efficient.

If you are thinking of an innovative way to attract more candidates to your company, you should try gamification in recruitment. It has become an advanced method of recruiting. You may not know, but 78% of job seekers now prefer companies that use gamification in hiring.

So, to attract more candidates to your company, you can incorporate recruiting gamification.

Read to learn what the role of gamification is. Also, know about its benefits and the top companies that use this advanced hiring method.

What is the role of gamification in recruitment?

Gamification in recruitment is an attempt to involve gaming elements in the traditional hiring process. The best part of recruitment gamification is it transforms the recruitment process into an interactive experience.

You can include behavioral assessments, quizzes, puzzles, etc. It will make the screening process more significant, engaging, and fun. Earlier, candidates used to prepare for their interviews to perform well. But, with gamification, the candidates’ answers will be genuine. It will help HR shortlist the most potential candidates.

Top 5 benefits of gamification in recruitment

There is no denying that the talent acquisition process was the most successful after gamification was introduced. But why is gamification important in HR? Let’s begin!

  1. Improves candidate’s experience

    It is true that gamification recruiting is not only here to streamline the hiring process. But, it ensures candidates do not undergo the monotonous onboarding process. Because of the gamification, candidates feel more engaged and productive. To let you know, 90% of candidates admit gamification improves productivity.

  2. Obtains more real insights

    It is very common for candidates to experience nervousness during the test and interview. Also, HR often misses out on the resumes of potential candidates because of the lack of an organized layout. But, the application of gamification in recruiting resolves this issue. It offers candidates a more relaxed environment. In this way, HRs can assess the actual abilities of the candidates.

  3. Reaches a broader talent pool

    Often, many companies struggle with attracting top-tier talent to their teams. It happens when they have limited reach. But, with gamification in recruitment, you can create a magnetic effect. It can grab the attention of candidates from unimaginable places. With it, tapping into the broader talent pool feels like an easy breeze for HRs.

  4. Eliminates subjectivity and bias

    The conventional hiring process comes with subjectivity and biases. However, gamification offers a more objective and structured way to hire candidates. Here, the company will hire the candidates based on their performance in gaming and interactive sessions. This approach is beneficial for every company.

  5. Provides a learning experience

    No matter where you work, learning can be fun and engaging with the gamification of recruiting. Almost 30% of employers reported that game-based learning is more interesting. Also, when the candidate learns correctly, it improves their performance. They understand everything in a better way when games are involved.

How to use gamification in talent acquisition?

All the employees must use gamification in their hiring in a strategic way. For that, everyone needs to keep the following things in mind.

  1. Personalize the assessment

    For an effective gamification strategy, personalizing your gaming assessment is crucial. If you use the same tactics as others, candidates will never attend your interview. You must note that a generic game can also hamper your brand’s reputation. So, use customized tools and make your hiring process smoother.

  2. Make hiring engaging and fun

    Only incorporating recruitment gamification is not enough. The process must be fun and vibrant to engage potential candidates. So, design your gaming sessions in an interactive way and make them memorable experiences for candidates. Also, 54% of new hires in organizations reported being more active after the gamified sessions.

  3. Communicate with your candidates

    Communicating with your candidates before running gamification is essential. Tell them about the entire assessment process and resolve their queries. You must also communicate with them to let them know how you will utilize their performance data. Then, give valuable feedback to the candidates after the session. It will help them work on their weaknesses.

Top companies using gamification for recruitment

Now, many organizations have incorporated gamification into their recruiting process. They experiment with neuroscience and logical-thinking-based games. However, here is a list of gamification in recruitment examples.

  • Google

    Google, the popular American multinational tech company, organizes a Google code jam. It is a code-writing game that helps the company recruit talented candidates. The best part is that they offer all the candidates the opportunity to win up to $50,000.

  • Unilever

    The famous Dutch-British consumer goods company Unilever also adopted gamification in hiring. With AI, they have digitalized their hiring process. So, all the candidates can choose their preferred games, and the AI will assess everything.

  • Deloitte

    Deloitte uses interactive and fun recruiting videos to help new candidates learn about the company. This way, the candidates understand whether they are suitable for any vacancy in the company.

Final thoughts

When you include gamification in recruitment, it must align with your company’s culture and values. It must develop a positive environment for the candidates. Data analysis and daily feedback can help redefine this initiative and make it more successful.

If you are looking for a reliable tool to find the right candidate, choose Jobsoid. It ensures the convenient and quick hiring of potential talent.

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