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5 ways to attract passive candidates to your company

Kelly Barcelos on January 25, 2018 in Recruitment Strategy

Passive candidates are those who think of taking up new job opportunities but are not actively looking out for one. They are comfortable and happy with their current jobs and yet continue to be open to newer opportunities. These candidates don’t view money as a driving factor to switch.

They would look at jumping ship for other personal reasons such as better work timings, convenient location, conducive work environment, etc. Recruiting passive candidates is a difficult task as one would have to persuade and dispel all their doubts to the fullest extent. 

5 Ways to attract passive candidates to your organization:

  • Ask your employees to refer candidates to you

Employee referral is one of the best methods for recruiting passive candidates. Your employees are familiar with your work environment. Hence, they are the best channels of influencing prospective candidates into joining you. Your employees also have a grip on your company’s requirements and so, will be a better judge of the candidates they would refer.

For effective passive recruiting, keep the employees informed about any job openings in your company.


  • Connect with prospective candidates on social media

Social Media is the best medium for recruiting passive candidates as most of them use social media in all probability. Connecting would involve writing engaging blogs, delivering meaningful content on the web, uploading pictures or videos that depict your workspace, etc. Sharing employee testimonials would also be of great help.

This will not only help in attracting the best candidates but will also help in your own branding. You could also follow befitting candidates. It will make them feel comfortable and give good vibes about your company.

Connect with prospective candidates even if you are not actively hiring.


  • Attend events and conferences for networking

Events and conferences are best for networking within the industry. Most attendees are open to meetings and discussions at these places which may not be the case if you intend to contact them otherwise. Therefore, personal interaction with prospective candidates at such places considerably increases the conversion rate of passive recruiting.

Be a part of the conferences and events. You may even organize one if possible.


  • Have a strong online presence for passive recruiting

The Internet is the source of all information, unlike old times when information was scarce. Today, it is entirely necessary to have a strong and consistent online presence in order to be noticed. Being active on the web will give your prospective candidates all the information they need about your company. It will also attract those candidates with whom you have not got in touch.

Make sure you have a fully functional website for fast and efficient passive recruiting. Write out blogs. Have online discussions about the developments in the field your company is catering to. Highlight the work opportunities. In short, do everything that will make candidates grow an interest in you.

Make the most of the digital media.


  • Build a talent pipeline

A passive candidate could also be someone pursuing his education. It’s inadvisable to let go of a candidate who has the necessary knowledge and skills. It’s inadvisable to let go of a candidate who is a perfect fit for your requirements. The best approach for passive recruiting is to consider the candidate for a role in near future. You can do it by building a talent pipeline.

Having a talent pipeline is similar to having a database of potential candidate applications. It is always advisable to stay in touch with these candidates. This will enhance candidates experience and also help in developing your brand as an employer.

Recruiting passive candidates will not seem formidable if you follow the tips mentioned above.

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Kelly Barcelos

Kelly Barcelos is a progressive digital marketing manager specializing in HR and is responsible for leading Jobsoid’s content and social media team. When Kelly is not building campaigns, she is busy creating content and preparing PR topics. She started with Jobsoid as a social media strategist and eventually took over the entire digital marketing team with her innovative approach and technical expertise.