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Recruit Top Talent Faster During COVID-19 Crisis

Kelly Barcelos on May 18, 2020 in Applicant Tracking System

The recruitment process for some companies can be a long, costly and excruciating experience especially during COVID-19 crisis situation. Lacking the right means, tools and procedures, many recruiters consider opting for the services of recruiting agencies as their only option.

Instead of helping companies recruit top talent faster, such agencies may take even longer to fill up open positions. You can not ignore the fact that they are working for several clients at the same time. But, it does not have to be this way.

With proper tools and strategies, recruiters can initiate an effective recruitment strategy. Besides recruiting faster, companies may cut the role of agencies and develop strategies for a more effective recruiting plan. A strong strategy is required to develop and manage a great recruiting process especially during these times of uncertainties. In order to cut out the competition you are considering attracting, ensure to engage and recruit top talent faster.

Recruit Top Talent Faster During COVID-19

Is it possible for you to recruit top candidates faster in times of COVID-19? Let us figure it out! Here are some tried and tested steps you can try out to recruit top talent faster during this pandemic. These are sure to guarantee you hiring success.

Step #1 – Revise Your Recruitment Process

Are you managing your recruitment process effectively? It is harder for HR Managers to figure out their recruitment process status when using multiple tools and software at a time. They will take time to know where exactly they are standing at each phase of the recruitment cycle. This is a time consuming activity and wastes precious time of the hiring teams.

Therefore, recruiters must use an authentic recruiting program that allows them to manage the recruitment process effectively. The recruitment software enables them to –

  • Post job offers
  • Receive applications and screen them
  • Assess new prospects
  • Communicate with candidates
  • Rank and comment on each candidate’s profile, and
  • Make mutual hiring decisions

Step #2 – Improve Your Talent Pool

In most cases, recruiters miss out on their prospects because they have not worked on building their talent pool in advance. Most of the candidates in the pool are either passive candidates or those who are currently working for the company but not actively looking for a new role.

To improve your talent pool, the hiring team must consider and build relationships with search firms and universities. You should allow your employees to participate in external professional activities like online webinars or online forums meetups which can help attract new talent. Social media portals may also be of great assistance in attracting high-quality candidates for your roles.

Step #3 – Publish Attractive Job Postings

In addition to posting about vacancies on the various channels, recruiters must come up with attractive and precise job descriptions. You should write engaging job descriptions that explain the role you are hiring for, the duties and responsibilities very well. The best approach to keep qualified job seekers around is to deliver as per their expectations. You can also start with a direct job offer.

Step #4 – Consider Internal Staff First

Recruiters must look internally to provide lateral and promotional breaks for current employees to boost their morale. This approach also makes employees feel their capabilities, skills, and accomplishments being acknowledged.

Giving opportunities to great candidates internally makes them more loyal to the company. The employee learns more about the company objectives and its requirements. They feel motivated to perform their duties diligently and responsibly.

Step #5 – Start with Employer Branding

HR must consider the company’s employer branding practices in order to attract qualified candidates. Their employer branding strategies should focus on motivation, retention, reward recognition, accountability, promotion, flexibility in work-life balance, and employee engagement. These are some of the key aspects to becoming the employer of your choice.

If all these techniques prove effective, your current employees will brag about the company being an amazing place to work. This will in turn help the perfect candidate to look out for your company. Employer branding is indeed one major factor that helps you recruit top talent faster.

Step #6 – Introduce Employee Referral Program

Employee referral programs can be beneficial for busy hiring teams. HR can leverage the employee’s professional network to find the quality candidates. Allowing your employees to refer someone they know works as a guarantee. You have the best talent to consider for your organization as they are being referred by someone you already trust.

This is a cost-effective approach to engage the best passive candidates.The referred candidates are more aware of the company culture and goals. This indeed makes them a good fit for the company.

Step #7 – Make The Job Application Process Easier

Ensure that you offer your candidates a well-optimized and user-friendly application process that enables them to apply for the desired posts faster. Candidates do not prefer to be a part of a long and exhausting application process.

Consider shortening your application forms. You can also allow your candidates to fill it out using their smartphones. Remember candidates want to post details that are not on their resume.

Step #8 – Engage your candidates

Ensure to keep the top candidates engaged throughout the hiring process. Whether you have just received the application or you have begun your interview process, your candidates should be kept informed. This technique is crucial to the hiring process’s efficacy. If your candidates do not hear from you, they will simply walk away looking for better prospects.

It is vital to plan out the entire recruitment process in advance. You can conduct video interviews or send across video screening tests to evaluate your candidates better. You can also leverage the best recruitment tools such as email automation to ensure you keep prospects in the loop. This will help the candidates know where they stand through the hiring process and provide them an amazing candidate experience.

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