7 Effective Tips to Rethink Your Hiring Strategy

Kelly Barcelos on August 23, 2016 in Recruitment Strategy

Days are over for Company CEOs when Recruitment was left alone on internal executives and recruitment managers to hire top talent and ensure credible performances. Despite the higher rate of unemployment you still cannot find the right talent for the right job. This talent mismatch dilemma is now growing. It is therefore high time for every company management to revisit their hiring strategy. Now leaders of successful business organizations on one hand are taking help of latest Recruiting software programs and online talent platforms. On the other they are adapting latest recruitment trends to make things quicker and easier for themselves and their recruiting managers to attract top talent.

Few popular trends in re-formulating hiring strategy

  • Cut Short and Simplify the Hiring Process

    First of all, let go that typical bureaucratic and ridiculous obstacles in hiring process. It is time to give up the practice of putting candidates unnecessarily tough series of Interviews just for procedural exercise. Nor a large interview panel consisted of irrelevant executives to conduct an interview with a candidate is now considered a professional approach of a company.

    Another required simplification could be to cut short the lengthy paperwork and forms fill up exercises especially for applicants who are yet to be ascertained and determined by final selection. Why not wait for documentation till such time you have a better sense of the candidate’s fit into the frame of your requirements?

  • Look inside before Looking outside

    Many recruiters do not bother looking inside in the line of internal employees for the probability of interdepartmental adjustment of any aspiring talent expecting the opportunity for a vertical or horizontal move within. The option and choice to apply for any vacant position should remain equally open to external as well as internal candidates.

  • Rethink your employee’s promotion policy and procedure

    Managers are now giving up their personal likes and dislikes for internal promotions. The most convenient decision for every manager is to promote and uplift the employee who is showing best business results or the person who is senior most in the hierarchy. Matter of fact is that just because someone is excellent at sales does not mean he is fit to run the sales department and likewise having seniority in service does not always qualify into strong management ability.

  • Make Job Descriptions Realistic not Idealistic

    Write job descriptions with the practical and workable approach in mind. Motivate the new entrant rather than to impress the person with your unrealistic higher standards. The job description of your employee should be practical and workable for which the new person can happily step in and enthusiastically stay on to pursue his career aspirations.

  • Motivate your links for Employee Referrals through Incentives

    To enrich your referrals, database keep people inside and outside involved. Now it is also a trend to offer incentive plan for those who forward the name of person interested in the job in your company. This approach may also help continued inflow of referrals in your data bank.

  • Activate and strengthen informal networks to attract talents

    At times, recruitment executives feel stuck because of the unavailability of required number of candidates. Before arriving at that situation, recruitment managers keep looking around for any lead. Young colleagues and staff members may have friends as fresh graduates or already working elsewhere who might be interested in working in your company. Based on the proposition they develop a plan where your current employees would reach out through their social and family networks to collect applicants for open positions in their company.

  • Take help of Recruitment Management Software programs and online Platforms

    Successful companies are now investing in introducing latest software programs and taking help of online recruitment platforms to minimize the possibility of mismatch and induct right talents for the right job.

Kelly Barcelos

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