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Social Media Recruiting Best Practices

Wileen Barretto on December 16, 2020 in Recruitment Strategy

With the digital space gaining more popularity, many recruiters now prefer posting job openings online. This shift is a welcoming change as most job seekers use their social media channels to build a professional network. However, finding the ideal candidates is not always an easy task. So, to leverage your possibilities of finding ideal candidates, social media recruiting is the step forward.

Social media recruiting targets potential employees by combining employer branding with recruitment marketing. This method helps in optimizing your efforts by increasing your digital presence and reach.

To facilitate the talent acquisition process, here are some social media recruiting practices that you need to know.

1. Know your audience

Pay attention to candidates’ networking habits. Know which media platforms are frequented the most and the amount of time spent. Analyzing this behaviour plays an important role in any marketing strategy. This means to build your niche understanding the engagement habit is of uttermost importance. Unless you are aware of your target audience, your recruitment efforts will be futile.

2. Know the functionalities of each social media platforms

Compatibility between the job post and media channels will further enrich the recruiting process. To help you achieve this, familiarize yourself with the different social media platforms.

For instance, LinkedIn job posts need to be more polished and professional as opposed to the ones on Facebook and Instagram. In the same way, a visually appealing Instagram job ad cannot be duplicated on Twitter. To avoid looking unaware and unprofessional, it is vital to know the functionality of each platform.

Tailoring your ad to suit each media channel will not only drive traffic but will also yield applications. Alternatively, you can take a different approach and drive traffic on different channels at the same time. For instance, you can post job openings on LinkedIn and fun content about your company culture on Instagram.

3. Personalize your job ad and appeal to audiences interest

To avoid sounding repetitive and monotonous, include a friendly, warm, and personalized message confirming the receipt of the applications. Doing so lets the candidates know that you have taken time to review their profiles. Furthermore, adding a customized message speaks of your employer branding. On the flip side, using a generic message may seem more of a sales pitch than a job proposal.

Similarly, choose job descriptions that include job-specific skills and requirements to avoid unwarranted applications. This will also help you in shortlisting your applicants better.

4. Pick or create the right hashtags

To get your job post trending on social networks, the key is to make it catchy yet professional. For this, it is important to find hashtags that are industry-specific and job-relevant. Using a decent number of hashtags can double your post reach in no time at all. However, remember to not go overboard while including hashtags as that can get your post marked as spam.

5. Make the job ad appealing

Catch the candidates’ attention by making a job ad that is visually appealing. Use colors that portray a positive and happy work environment. Also, do not miss adding your company logo, job details, and application link.

While at it, ensure not to overdo or clutter the graphics. Make it simple, colorful, and informative. Many candidates browse through job ads on the go. Considering this, make your job ads such that they are compatible with most devices. Use visuals and texts that can be accessed effortlessly.

6.Be inclusive

Avoid using gender-biased words or a tone that is discriminatory. Apart from landing you into legal trouble, it also portrays your company culture. Taking this route is likely to turn away applicants. So when targeting potential job seekers, use words that sound supportive, nurturing, and have a neutral tone.

7. Make existing employees a part of the recruiting process

To be trending and visible on social media, your post needs to be shared by a large number of people. To do so, it is always a good idea to involve your existing employees in your hiring process. Ensure that your existing team members share the job ad on their social media accounts to increase visibility.

Alternatively, you can create a 1-2 min video of employees sharing their work experience. This will surely aid in getting more and reliable candidates.

A striking social media recruiting strategy helps you target top talent and widen your jobs’ reach. The process can further be eased with the help of an easy to share tool. Besides offering other recruitment friendly features, Jobsoid allows sharing on different social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. These top-performing job platforms along with social media recruiting best practices will boost your social recruiting efforts.

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Wileen Barretto

Wileen Barretto is a Content Writer at Jobsoid. She holds a Master’s degree in English Literature and loves reading fiction. When not creating content, she is whipping up a cake or baking cookies!