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Social Media Recruiting: Trends and Features to watch

Kelly Barcelos on April 21, 2021 in HR Management

Getting social with recruitment can put you in touch with a large volume of candidates. Social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn serve as a gold mine of both active and passive candidates. Moreover, with the work scenario shifting to a digital space, you cannot miss giving social recruiting a try.

Not only can you find top talent but also recruit culture-fit candidates on social media. This means you are at a high chance of finding ideal candidates if you focus right on social media recruiting.

Apart from a robust social media recruiting strategy, here are some trends and features to watch to attract smart hires.

  • Candidate Experience

    An improved hiring process equals enhanced candidate experience. This is a feature you shouldn’t ignore and a trend that will remain relevant in years to come. A candidate is likely to accept a job offer if they are treated right during the recruiting process. Your ability to provide a pleasant candidate experience is a clear indicator of how you are or will be with your employees.

    A positive candidate experience is not for the candidates alone. It works in your favor too by giving your employer brand a boost. Tweaking your hiring process to reduce recruiting time and efforts can make all the difference.

    Get started with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to recruit faster and smarter. It will help you acknowledge multiple candidate applications in one go besides offering you easy access to a large candidate database. This way you can refer to the talent pool every time there is an open job position, helping you nurture long-term candidate relations.

    Reach out to candidates in a short time and smartly to facilitate an improved candidate experience.

  • Remote Onboarding

    Remote onboarding is a trend that is here to stay, at least for some time now. It is crucial to your company’s growth as well as success. To make this trend work to your advantage, understanding the know-how of managing remote onboarding processes is important.

    Since remote onboarding means hiring candidates online, have a smart strategy in place. Execute the completion of all HR-related paperwork digitally. Further, make recruits aware of your company culture by sharing the link to your company policies and employee handbook. You can also have an employee training plan template that can serve as a blueprint for each onboarding cycle your team executes.

    Similarly, help new hires connect with the other team members with the help of the right tools. Make the entire remote onboarding process beneficial to you and the candidates by handling it smartly.

  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

    While this may sound futuristic, it is far from being so. Many companies are relying on AR and VR technologies to offer candidates a virtual tour of their workspace in the absence of any physical contact. Both these technologies can aid in providing employee training and in making onboarding a seamless experience.

    With social distancing becoming the norm, VR trends can provide meaning to contactless interactions. Likewise, AR promotes effective engagement and interaction. AR technology allows you to create filters introducing new products or services. The ability to view all of these on your smartphone makes this trend highly accessible.

    Maintain candidate engagement and interaction by using either or both of these technologies in social media recruiting.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the game of the talent acquisition process. This technology and the features it offers help in reducing the recruiting time and in simplifying lengthy hiring processes. Moreover, with the help of Large language models (LLMs) option content and data can be managed and tracked more efficiently allowing companies to hire more professionally.

    So, recruiters like you can shift their focus on getting smart hires without the need for numerous hiring stages.

    AI-backed applicant tracking systems are great in filtering and analyzing candidate profiles. It can speed up the process and put you in touch with candidates possessing the skills you are looking for.

    Right from online candidate management to team collaborations to a hassle-free interview scheduling process, AI can upgrade your recruiting game.


These were some of the best social media recruiting trends and features you ought to watch.

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