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Top 7 Job Posting Sites in Germany

Poonam Jamuni on February 12, 2021 in Insights

Selecting the most desirable candidates for the job is the most vital task for a hiring manager. Hiring is thoroughly based on the needs and requirements of the open job positions.

We all know job advertisements are the best way to attract candidates. But, the internet is filled with fake websites posing as excellent job posting sites. That is why we are here to solve all your hiring problems. If you are looking for job posting sites to advertise your jobs in Germany, then you are at the right place. We have listed the top 7 job posting sites in Germany exclusively for you.

Before anything else, you should make sure you compose a presentable and attractive job advertisement. An engaging job ad begins with writing a good job description. As a result of which you will attract the perfect candidates for your job positions. You can refer to our library of job descriptions belonging to various industries. You can either use it as they are or customize them as per your need.

Let’s start with the top 7 job posting sites in Germany.

  1. Stepstone

    Stepstone is one of the leading job portals in Germany. This job posting site has helped many employers in finding the most suitable candidates quickly. To post a job advertisement, you should choose a promotional package according to your hiring needs.

    Since Stepstone has partnered with 500 websites, your job advertisements will reach more potential applicants. In addition to this, you can also connect with your candidates directly via emails. This will provide you with an opportunity to fill your positions faster.

    Searching for candidates using their DirectSearch Database will help you to find and contact desired candidates.

  2. Stellenanzeigen

    This job board is a famous job posting site in Germany. This platform allows you to create an employer profile to help candidates find you. Statistically speaking, this job posting site has more than 3.5 million visitors every month. In addition to this, they have partnered with over 300 media networks.

    With Stellenanzeigen, you can create a powerful employer branding image for your company. This job board will provide you with the largest selection of candidates as per your needs. You can also opt for a direct mail service allowing you to contact the prospective candidates directly.

  3. Jobrapido

    Jobrapido is the world’s leading job search engine. They provide you with the best talent with their innovative recruiting. It is reported that this job site has 3.5 million active visitors and 2.5 million jobs posted every month.

    Additionally, Jobrapido has 2 million companies registered under them. In addition to this, they also serve companies across various countries. You can find candidates for various industries like call centers, retailers, service providers, and restaurants.

  4. Kimeta

    Kimeta is among the top job portals in Germany. As it gathers major jobs from companies, career pages, and personal consultancies and presents them to the job seekers, it has a tremendous reach.

    Kimeta currently has about 2,205,342 job advertisements available on the site.

    You can choose pricing plans according to your hiring criteria. Moreover, you can also customize your plans on demand. Posting advertisements are fun on Kimeta as you can create templates and save them for future reference.

  5. Jobvector

    This job posting site is one of the award-winning sites in Germany. This is basically a specialized online job market for Scientists, Doctors, Engineers, and IT specialists. You will find all types of professional candidates right from freshers to experienced professionals on this site.

    Jobvector offers additional features like employer branding and recruiting fairs to attract some of the best talents. You can choose pricing plans for your job ads accordingly and post your job advertisements to hire qualified candidates.

  6. Indeed

    Indeed is the world’s best job posting site. This site will make sure that you find the fittest candidate as per your recruiting needs. One good part about Indeed is you can post your ads for free. Nevertheless, sponsoring your job advertisements will ensure higher reach and visibility.

    Indeed provides additional features like salary insights, employer branding, and creating company profiles. By making use of these features, you can make sure that you attract the most suitable candidates for your jobs.

    Learn how to publish your jobs on Indeed in this blog – Post a job on Indeed

  7. Monster

    Monster is a popular job posting site in Germany. More than 1,200 recruiters from all around the world carry out regular resumes search on Monster. In addition to this, over 2,400 resumes are viewed by the recruiter on a daily basis.

    When you publish your job ads using Monster, your job advertisement is shared on their 200 partner sites. You can also optimize your jobs for portable devices so that you can reach candidates anywhere on the go.

These are the top 7 job posting sites in Germany. You can use these job sites to make the best hire for your company.

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