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6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Millennial

Kelly Barcelos on July 14, 2017 in Recruitment Strategy

There is absolutely no denying the fact that millennials find it hard to focus and have a tendency to jump jobs at the drop of a hat but at the same time no forward-thinking firm can progress without these socially active, tech-savvy millennials.

Given the fiercely competitive job market and every millennial’s need to find an intellectually stimulating, socially productive and financially lucrative job, hiring managers are forced to redefine their recruiting strategies.

As you prepare to bring the best of Gen Y onboard, be sure you avoid the following 6 mistakes as they can turn your hiring process into an uphill task

  1. Drafting Vague Job Descriptions

    Your job description is the very first touch point that makes an impact on your potential employees. Most companies use heavy verbiage to woo candidates and in the process often fail to explain what the job entails. This can be a big turn off for a to-be employee who is unable to understand your job role, or even worse get a wrong fit interested in the job opening.

    When the scope of work is not explained in a clear and concise manner, it may disappoint a millennial who expects the job to satisfy his/her creative, financial and intellectual needs.

    A standardized job with zero room for experimentation will do little to impress a career-oriented millennial so if you want to reduce the attrition rate, start with your job descriptions.

  2. Using Big Numbers and Corporate Buzzwords

    It is no secret that millennials want big money but it is definitely not the sole puller. While money is a major factor in a job, millennials also know that they deserve a handsome paycheque given the scope of work, creative challenges, extended work hours, and client diversity.

    So hiring managers try to lure millennials using catchphrases like core competencies, thought leadership, paradigm shift, growth hacking, best industry practices, and bottom-line impact. If you too are doing this, stop it right now.

    Instead of using jargon to influence and impress a millennial, be friendly and keep it simple. Your mumbo jumbo words may not work but if you speak their language, communicate your company culture and benefits, and tailor your selection process for tech-minded millennials, it might do the magic.

  3. Charting an Ambiguous Career Ladder

    Every millennial wants to know if your company offers ample room to grow so laying out a meaningful career path before your potential millennial employees will help you attract them. Millennials are interested in a career trajectory that offers growth opportunities, challenges, and eventually moves into leadership positions that offer a sense of accomplishment.

    If you tell them upfront how your offer will be instrumental in fulfilling their career goals, they will surely stick around for long and stay productive.

  4. Highlighting Compensation and Ignoring Company Culture

    Most millennials would rather make an impact than making a ton of money. So while you compensate them for work make sure you encourage them to do something for people at large. You can organize fundraising events, plan trips to impoverished communities in your neighborhood and give them the opportunity to work on a wide range of problems where they can make a positive difference.

    Your company culture can play a huge role here by incorporating an eco-friendly approach and a positive work environment. Put your philosophy and values on display during the recruitment process and focus on opportunities that involve teamwork.

    An Applicant Tracking System will help you design a compelling careers page where you can include a virtual tour of your office, add a few “behind the scene” images and showcase a friendly and flexible work environment along with employee reviews to help them form a good opinion about your company.

  5. Restricting Access to Social Media

    A no Facebook rule can drive millennials away because for them social media access is more important than money. Millennials use social media channels more than 3 times a day so keeping them away from social media may sound like a death sentence.

    While you may not encourage them to use social media, you can definitely let them access their personal and professional networks on the condition that they become your ambassadors of goodwill. Use their vast network to your advantage and expand your online reach with their positive reviews and referrals.

  6. Requiring Them to Stick with You for Years

    Millennials can’t stay stagnated for long so expecting them to stay with you for years together is like having an unrealistic expectation. Since they are well-educated, ambitious, self-sufficient and always open to learning new things, they tend to hop jobs unless you can give them something they love.

    So make sure your compensation package is not structured on the basis of tenure but on the basis of performance. When they see a job as a career accelerator instead of a parking lot, they will surely do good and stick with you for longer.

Millennials are go-getters, diverse, team players, and fast learners who love to keep with the times. So if you want a vibrant workforce, be sure to avoid these hiring blunders and make things easy for them with an ATS.

An Applicant Tracking System ensures quick and easy processing with customized forms, a seamless application experience with Facebook integrated careers tab, real-time notifications for timely communication, automated interview confirmations, personalized engagement emails and text messages. If you make the right move with an ATS today, you can make the most of this energetic and super talented generation.

Kelly Barcelos

Kelly Barcelos is a progressive digital marketing manager specializing in HR and is responsible for leading Jobsoid’s content and social media team. When Kelly is not building campaigns, she is busy creating content and preparing PR topics. She started with Jobsoid as a social media strategist and eventually took over the entire digital marketing team with her innovative approach and technical expertise.