6 Smart Ways an ATS Shortens the Hiring Cycle and Saves Time

6 Smart Ways an ATS Shortens the Hiring Cycle and Saves Time

Kelly Barcelos on May 5, 2017 in Applicant Tracking System

The biggest challenge facing most modern day recruiters and hiring managers is keeping a constant track of applicants at every stage, especially when managing a large influx of applications for different positions. The entire hiring cycle is time-consuming and tedious which is further complicated by paperwork, spreadsheets, emails and phone calls.

When hiring potential talent, you can either take the right approach and save tremendous time and effort or go the wrong way that takes up hundreds of work hours and a ton of money and still does not guarantee the right fit for the job.

How are your recruiting strategies helping you hire faster and better? With big data, IoT and mobile technology taking over business operations, is your hiring process leveraging the power of automation to optimize hiring processes and practices?

If not, here are 6 ways to accelerate your time to hire, reduce recruiting costs, enhance the candidate experience and bring the best onboard using an ATS:

Building a talent pool with a branded careers site

The easiest way to leave a lasting impact on prospective candidates is building an influential brand presence through a compelling careers page. An ATS allows companies to create a dedicated careers site offering a seamless application experience to prospective candidates.

It can also be integrated with social channels for increased brand awareness and enhanced visibility. The careers site can also be customized to promote the company culture through engaging videos and images.

Leverage the reach of social media for faster hiring

The more people you manage to get through your sourcing funnel, the more likely you are to bring top talent to your interview table. An ATS enables recruiters to use an integrated approach with social recruiting and speed up the sourcing process.

Social recruiting offers instant access to both active and passive prospects, enabling recruiters to generate more referrals, build meaningful relationships that lead to higher acceptance rates and hire qualified candidates faster.

Ensure a positive candidate experience with consistent communication

Recruiting is very similar to sales where both your messaging and your timing need to be perfect. An ATS enables you to make the most of every channel to attract A Players and keep them engaged. It keeps every single candidate informed and updated at every stage of the recruiting process with real-time notifications, personalized emails, and prompt reminders.

From acknowledging a job application and sending professional follow-ups to shooting interview reminders and informing candidates about their progress, an applicant tracking system makes it super easy for you to keep candidates engaged and improve conversion rates.

Capitalize on a centralized system for a competitive edge

Ever wondered how some recruiters consistently land the best industry talent and hit their hiring goals month after month? Want to know what differentiates them from the rest? Successful recruiters build a talent pipeline of high-quality candidates so every time a vacancy is generated they have a potential candidate to fill it.

An ATS helps you create a reliable talent pool by allowing you to customize email templates and automates engagement emails at various stages. It goes beyond tracking applications and allows recruiters to manage relationships with potential talent. This fills the funnel with stellar candidates in a short span of time so you have a perennial supply of talent to fill vacancies on-demand.

Build scalability for accommodating future needs with flexible features

An applicant tracking system is designed to expand with your company’s growing needs. It not only streamlines your sourcing funnel in-the-moment but is also flexible enough to accommodate the ever-evolving needs of the HR landscape.

With advanced features and functionalities, an ATS can be easily customized and integrated with different platforms, applications and channels to grow as your business grows.

Track performance using real-time reports

An applicant tracking system generates accurate data that offers valuable insights into what is working and what’s not. Use it to track performance and accordingly improve processes and procedures. Smart reports also improve transparency, accountability and enable recruiters to take better hiring decision.

An ATS offers real-time access to accurate information while eliminating the need to create and update spreadsheets that take up tremendous time and effort.

The right applicant tracking system empowers recruiters to do much more in less time, making them efficient and helping them hire top performers even in a tight market.

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