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6 Tech Trends that are Transforming the HR Landscape

Kelly Barcelos on October 21, 2016 in HR Management

Fierce competition, fluctuating economy, and advancing technology have compelled the human resource department to revamp their traditional practices. From passive administration to proactive talent management, the HR department is undergoing a massive transformation as new tools and techniques emerge.

6 key trends that are redefining the conventional HR processes for better

  1. Cloud Computing For Reducing Spend and Saving Time

    The scalability and agility of cloud is revolutionizing the standard HR procedures by consolidating complete employee information on a single unified platform that can be accessed from any location round the clock. Instant access to data improves coordination, saves time and facilitates informed decision making with regard to workforce planning.

  2. The Impact of Automation

    HR departments are now automating every single system right from recruiting and onboarding to skill development and payroll management. Automation of strategic aspects has resulted in a tremendous saving of time and effort while improving efficiency and employee engagement.

  3. Using a Mobile-friendly ATS to Optimize Communication

    Hiring top industry talent was never this easy before! A mobile-friendly applicant tracking system that works well on every mobile device expands your recruitment reach overnight and seamlessly integrates with your careers site to simplify your sourcing process. An Applicant Tracking System streamlines each and every function from posting jobs and accepting applications to filtering the right ones and scheduling interviews.

    It supports multiple resume formats, shares your employment opportunities on social networks, uploads all your resumes in a single click, tracks candidates across stages, sends text messages to candidates for confirming interview details, keeps you notified on every important event, updates every single candidate on their progress and keeps every team member in sync and on track from sourcing to onboarding.

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  4. Capitalizing on the Careers Page

    Today even small start-ups are leveraging the power of a fully-functional career page to project a powerful market presence.

    A user-friendly careers site offers a positive application experience and successfully drives prospective candidates to the interview table. It loads on every device, has a simple layout that is easy-to-follow, can be customized to flow with the company’s official website and plays a crucial role in promoting the company culture.

  5. Driving Engagement Through Centralized Communication

    Today organizations are heavily reliant on employee onboarding software solutions for sending and receiving emails. These advanced solutions allow instant customization of email templates for every task. Now recruiters don’t spend their time and effort on responding to candidates, answering their queries and sending out acknowledgment emails.

    Every response is automatically sent as a candidate progresses from one stage to another. A centralized communication system that sends multiple emails with attachments in a single click enables hiring managers to maximize their reach in minutes. With an integrated solution, the HR department can achieve higher levels of efficiency and stay updated on every front.

  6. Leveraging Real-time Dashboards for Data-Driven Decision Making

    Real-time dashboards are designed to offer an end-to-end view into every single HR process. Every HR process generates a lot of data which often gets confusing but a real-time dashboard eliminates all the administrative paperwork and simplifies the workflow with instant insights into each and every vital piece of information. Constant monitoring ensures that none of the tasks slip through the cracks and it becomes easy for the HR team to track their performance through accurate reports.

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