ATS vs Recruitment Software Features, Functioning and Benefits

ATS vs. Recruitment Software: Features, Functioning, and Benefits

Kelly Barcelos on June 11, 2019 in Applicant Tracking System

Advanced HR tools and technologies have made the recruitment process go from tedious and time-consuming to easy-breezy. However, it is important that you choose the right HR tech that addresses your unique business needs and integrates with your existing recruitment process.

To help you maximize the returns on your investment, here’s a comprehensive comparison between the two so you know what best suits your business needs.

Applicant Tracking System

An ATS is a software solution that is designed to streamline and speed up the recruitment process. It can automate every manual step right from job postings and resume sorting to emailing and interview scheduling. Applicant tracking system saves you a ton of time and resources that can be used to bring top choice candidates onboard.

Here are 5 mind-numbing, monotonous tasks that can be automated in a jiffy with an ATS

1. Posting Job Openings

Applicant tracking systems let you post jobs to multiple job boards and social channels simultaneously. With an ATS, recruiters get instant access to a massive user base, which in turns speeds up the process of receiving applications.

2. Import Attachments

Recruiters receive resumes from hundreds of candidates every day in different formats. With an applicant tracking system, every resume can be directly imported into the ATS without getting caught up between manual downloads and uploads.

3. Parse Resumes

A manual resume import will only pull in the document in its original format but with a resume parser, all the resumes will be automatically converted into a standardized format. With all the right information in a format that is quick and easy to screen, filtering the right fit becomes much faster.

4. Tracking Applicants

Applicant tracking system lets you track every candidate in the recruitment lifecycle in real-time. This enables the recruiter to manage the applicants effectively and accelerate the hiring process.

5. Generating Reports

Applicant tracking software auto-generates intelligent reports that help recruiters track the performance of every hiring source and identify bottlenecks in time. This helps them improvise the recruitment process and increase conversions.

Recruitment Software

While the applicant tracking system focuses only on automating the recruitment process, recruitment software is designed to connect candidates with companies.

So if you are a recruitment consultant or a staffing agency then you would want to consider using recruitment software as it easily integrates with the CRM system.

Some basic features of recruitment software include

1. Applicant tracking

If you deploy recruitment software, you get all the benefits of an ATS in addition to features that allow you to maintain customer relationships, email marketing automation and easy software integrations.

2. Email Marketing

This feature allows you to create personalized email templates which can be sent to several candidates at the same time based on custom triggers. This keeps candidates engaged throughout the recruitment process.

3. Scheduling

With online recruitment software, recruiters can schedule their phone calls, engagement emails, interviews, and start dates. All these activities can be worked out on a single system without losing any piece of information.

4. Boolean Search

The Boolean search feature makes it easier for recruiters to find qualified candidates from the database. Candidate profiles can be filtered on the basis of qualifications, skills, age, location, and interest.

5. Candidate Management

Recruiting software can not only accomplish everything that an ATS can but it also includes features that make it quick and easy to manage candidate relationships in an advanced manner as a CRM system does. Since recruiting requires a collaborative approach, it also allows multiple users to access the platform anytime, from anywhere.

ATS vs. Recruiting Software – Who Should Choose What

If you are a small business owner or a hiring manager, an ATS will help you streamline the sourcing process and also save you a lot of time, effort, and resources. But, if you are a recruitment consultant or a staffing agency that needs to fill job requisitions faster for clients, then recruitment software will bring you the additional benefits of seamless customer relationship management.

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