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Social media screening is a process wherein you review candidates’ social media profiles to know their suitability for your jobs.
Wileen Barretto on May 14, 2021
Pre-employment screening is conducting background checks to validate the candidates' information. Read this blog to know more.
Wileen Barretto on April 8, 2021
Employee engagement surveys measure the relationship between employees & company. Know more about employee engagement surveys in this blog.
Wileen Barretto on March 31, 2021
Read this blog to know everything about performance review. Learn how to conduct performance review as well as effective tips and tricks!
Wileen Barretto on March 12, 2021
Learn about the types of interviews to determine which interview style works the best for you, your company, and your candidate.
Kelly Barcelos on March 12, 2021
Wondering what is OTE or On-target earnings ? It is One of the key components of an employee’s pay structure. Read the article to know more.
Kelly Barcelos on January 21, 2021