Integrating an ATS

Go Smart with Your Candidate Search by Integrating an ATS

Jobsoid Team on November 3, 2017 in Applicant Tracking System

Filling job openings in the fastest possible manner is vital to running your business operations smoothly. If you are bombarded with a high volume of applications every time a job opening is published, you know how tedious and time-consuming it gets when you sit to scrutinize the right fit.

An easy way to mitigate legal risk and make the right choice when screening candidates is to incorporate an advanced ATS with fully customizable features that cater to your unique business requirements.

4 easy ways to shorten the screening time and simplify paperwork:

  1. Use Smart Filter Intelligence to Find the Right Skill Set In Seconds

    Reviewing resumes can take hours of your day because it is difficult to scan every profile and match it with the required skills of the job. Making sure that the candidate has the required knowledge, experience, and skills can get downright overwhelming when you need to wade through a sea of irrelevant resumes and shortlist the relevant ones.

    But if you have an applicant tracking system by your side, this seemingly endless task can be accomplished in a fraction of seconds. All you need to do is feed your desirable attributes as your search terms and the system will index your candidate database accordingly to screen matching candidates in a jiffy. You can add search terms based on your business requirements and include a specific location, degree, experience, skills, training, or any other criteria.

  2. Mitigate Legal Risk with Applicant Tracking System

    For a hiring manager, having to deal with legal risks is no less than a nightmare. Stay updated with new and evolving HR laws and legislations with an applicant tracking system.

    An ATS eliminates the possibility of publishing risky job descriptions that bring a whole lot of irrelevant and unhappy applicants by helping recruiters customize job descriptions that neither discriminate nor disqualify potential talent. The user-friendly interface of an ATS provides recruiters with a standardized view of applications submitted before they can move on to the following stages of the hiring process.

    An applicant tracking system enables recruiters to customize and save job templates while ensuring they have the skills and requirements that applicants need to have. When applicants come across clearly defined job descriptions, it becomes easy to whittle out unqualified candidates without inviting any liability issues.

  3. Request a Complete Portfolio to Make an Informed Decision

    Most of the times a resume that seems like a perfect match, miserably fails on the interview table. To avoid wasting your time and effort, you can request a work sample from the candidate’s previous job to confirm if he/she has the potential and the talent to take up your job and do great work.

    If you are hiring for a creative job, you can request a portfolio via email and see if your candidate has what it takes to perform. With an applicant tracking system, it becomes easier to accept work samples in every format whether it is PDF or Word Doc.

  4. Ensure a Positive Candidate Experience by Simplifying Documentation

    The one thing that turns off potential talent is a lengthy and complicated application process. Using an applicant tracking system will ensure that your busy candidates don’t end up spending too much time applying for a job opening and still ensure that you attract the right fit on-the-go. An ATS allows you to customize the fields so that you capture the right amount of information – neither too much nor too little while keeping the sourcing process moving apace.

Integrating Jobsoid with your recruiting strategy will help you keep the screening process short, streamlined and stress-free. Get started with a free trial today to save tremendous time and effort and maximize your ROI by attracting qualified applicants.

Jobsoid Team