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Kelly Barcelos on January 27, 2017 in Recruitment Process

A company is only as good as its employees and this is exactly why start-ups in the growth stage need good hires. While every entrepreneur wants the best candidates to make a big impact, identifying and attracting top choice candidates is a challenge, especially when you are bootstrapping a small business.

So, if you are struggling to hire candidates for your fast-growing startup, then revamp your recruitment process and focus your efforts on these 4 valuable resources for maximum conversions.

4 Best Resources That Startups Can Use to Find the Right Talent

  1. Recruiting Grads Straight Out of Schools

    This traditional approach still makes a top resource for tapping talented candidates who can take a startup to the next level of success. Colleges and universities make a perfect seedbed for businesses looking for enthusiastic talent because they are already looking for career opportunities for their students. So, this is where recruiters can find promising students from different disciplines for every department.
  2. Attending Business Networking Events

    A one-day networking event can be your key resource for all your hard-to-fill roles. Connecting companies with interested candidates face-to-face, this platform helps you find many potential employees at once! So don’t miss out on job fairs, conferences and networking events because your potential employees are everywhere to make your head-hunting job easy.

  3. Tapping the Talent Goldmine: Skill Training Programs

    Training programs are a perfect platform for finding your potential employees. Candidates who are talented and trained in your business vertical prove to be valuable because they are not only interested but also have the required skills. Apart from training programs, summer camps are also a great place to find multitasking Gen Z professionals who make a great addition to any workplace.

  4. Social Media

    Most companies pay top dollar to recruitment agencies to save their time and resources but social media makes a more efficient and cost-effective alternative for filling vacancies. But, before you post your jobs on social media platforms, make sure you build a strong employer brand that stands out. Save your time and effort when using social media for recruiting with talent acquisition software.

    Talent acquisition software automates everything from job postings and candidate screening to tracking conversions and generating reports. So, if you plan to go social with your recruiting efforts, make every minute count with talent acquisition software.

Here Are 8 Recruiting Strategies Your Startup Should Implement to Find Great Talent:

  1. Build a Strong Brand to Attract New Talent

    You are competing with established players in a candidate’s market and so it is important that you showcase your company as a good employer with a great culture. A clearly defined employer brand will efficiently communicate your values, vision and mission to create a positive perception.

  2. Identify the Right Fit

    Hiring candidates can be downright tedious and time-consuming for a company that cannot keep firing non-performers and rehiring the right fit. This makes strategic hiring a must for start-ups that need multi-taskers in every profile.

    Giving candidates a good understanding of business processes and getting to know their potential would help in determining if the candidate will be a good fit. As every new hire will have a huge impact on the culture, you need to strike a perfect balance between talent and skill-set.

  3. Come up with a Compelling Job Description

    If you want to be an above average employer, your job descriptions can’t be mediocre. Write job descriptions that will sweep your candidate’s off their feet. Hire professional help if needed and make sure that your prospects relate to their roles at a personal level.

    You are in search of superheroes to shoulder your responsibilities. So your job descriptions have to make them fall in love with the offered job at the very first sight. Don’t forget to include keywords because most candidates will use them to clear the clutter.

  4. Make Headhunting a Daily Habit

    Headhunting entails reaching out to those who are not on the market. This elusive category can be found in mature companies, vulnerable startups, and volatile ventures, at events and at universities. Start browsing social media channels and professional networks to bait your passive candidates.

    If you can’t hire, engage them because even if they don’t join you today, you can become their first consideration when they are contemplating a change. You never know where your A player is, so always be on the hunt.

  5. Think Long-Term Hiring

    When an employee leaves, the operations of a small business experience a big difference. It not only creates uncertainty for the client, but team dynamics also suffer. Getting the right people onboard is of no use if they are not going to stay for long.

    You are not recruiting to fill a vacancy that solves your short-term issues so you need to get it right the very first time. The safest choice is employees who are at the prime of their careers and have a consistent past. A blend of smart, decisive, hardworking, and stable should do great.

  6. Use Your Interviews Wisely

    You don’t really need a time-consuming, 10-phase interview process or a challenging script to ensure that you have made the right choice. An efficient screening process paired with a few sensible pre-interview questions will spare you the hassles of conducting seemingly endless interviews only to filter the right fit. Phone interviews, Skype calls and CV screenings should give you a much better understanding of your prospect’s abilities and skill set so that you don’t spend hours later.

  7. Pick Talent Over Experience

    Start-ups need young talent to flourish so prefer untapped potential over experience. The ambition and desire to perform that accompany young talent can get your start-up soaring in no time. The fresh approach that raw talent brings to work is exactly what you need for business success.

    Look for proactive people with a desire to grow and then turn them into assets by developing the desired skill-set instead of finding an exact match for your profile.

  8. Hire for Mindset, Coach for skills

    You have to like a candidate before you decide to hire them. However, this may sound subjective and unjust to your potential employees. The candidate’s personality, preferences, ability to blend with your company’s culture and attitude to perform as a part of a team will ultimately determine their productivity and performance.

    Since certain traits and talents cannot be acquired beyond a certain age, recruiters need to focus on the essential endowments – Intelligence, aptitude, culture fit, and diligence. Instead of hiring for credentials, check how they react when asked to take up a task that they haven’t worked on before.

Leveraging Technology to Cut Down on Recruitment Costs and Save Valuable Time

An affordable and user-friendly employee recruiting software is a great solution for start-ups that are looking to enhance their positive trajectory. This technology eliminates the need for manual intervention and dramatically reduces the time spent on drafting emails and making calls.

Installing a feature-rich Applicant Tracking System automates every step of the recruitment process right from sorting resume and screening candidates to scheduling interviews and filtering the right fit. It expands your recruitment reach by automatically posting jobs on social platforms and keeps candidates engaged at every step with instant notifications.

Save time, improve productivity and provide a positive candidate experience with a fully-loaded ATS. Jobsoid helps small start-ups achieve their hiring targets by offering easy access to active and passive talent while cutting down on recruitment costs and saving valuable time.

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