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How to Improve Candidate Experience using Recruitment Marketing Strategies?

Jobsoid Team on April 4, 2024 in Recruitment Strategy

Your interaction with every candidate contributes to the scope of future recruitments. When filling the position with the right candidates, it all comes down to candidate experience.

You should optimize your recruitment marketing to enhance the appeal to top-tier candidates. Around 4 in 5 candidates say their experience is an indicator of how a company values its employees.

A robust employer brand simplifies the process of drawing in suitable talent. Now, let’s learn how you use marketing for recruiting and improving your candidate experience.

What is recruitment marketing?

Recruitment marketing refers to a strategic approach to attracting the right talent. Using the best marketing techniques, you can promote your brand. Recruitment marketing provides a clear vision of your brand, which helps you target the right candidates for hiring.

How to improve candidate experience in recruitment marketing?

Your candidates experience positive impressions throughout the recruitment journey with recruitment marketing. So, these are the 7 ways to improve your candidate experience in recruitment marketing:

  1. Streamline application process

    Around 60% of candidates have often quit the application process because of its length. A lengthy application process complicates things. Such lengthy and complicated hiring processes can lead to losing out on your potential candidates.

    Some candidates feel that the lengthy application processes aren’t worth the effort. Thus, many of them don’t even continue with it. So, keep your application process short and simple for a good experience.

  2. Reach out without delays

    80% of candidates said the recruiters didn’t contact them about the application process. This lack of communication can be frustrating for candidates, as they’re left hanging.

    You should always inform the candidate about the results, irrespective of the circumstances. Keeping your candidates informed makes them feel valued.

  3. Be transparent about the process.

    You should set the right expectations for the hiring process. If you set expectations from the beginning, many candidates will have a positive experience.

    Transparency will help you reduce confusion, nervousness, and self-doubt. This will make the candidates feel less stressed in your company.

  4. Personalize your communication

    Today, no candidate wants to receive a “Dear candidate” message. Instead, they appreciate it if you include their name in emails or calls. Personalizing communication adds value.

    If you don’t have a template, it is advisable to use one from Jobsoid. The only condition is that you fill in the right information. Personalizing communication from the initial stage will help you build relationships with the applicants.

  5. Keep the job descriptions descriptive

    You should keep the job descriptions precise and concise. A confusing and wrong job description can lead to a negative candidate experience. Moreover, it will also attract the wrong talent for the particular position.

    Your job description should contain all the information required for the position. It should highlight the benefits and requirements, too. If there are any perks with the particular position, you must highlight those as well.

  6. Make the application process simple

    Filling out the application can be complicated. Thus, you should simplify your application process. Make sure that your application process is easy and smooth. Provide an option for the candidate to save their application progress if they can’t fill out the form in one go.

    As a recruiter, you should ensure the application form is accessible to all candidates. The best would be to include an initial response to the “We’ve received your application” email. This will help your candidates stay informed.

  7. Keep declined candidates informed

    Many candidates complain that HRs doesn’t reach out to them after the process. Candidates appreciate it when you inform them, even if they are not selected. Keeping them informed is a great way to improve your candidate experience.

    You should provide feedback about the reason behind the decline. Doing so will help improve the candidate experience. It also helps them prepare for further stages of the interview. You must distribute a feedback form to gather insights on suggestions for your enhancements.

How do you ensure a positive candidate experience throughout the recruitment process?

A negative encounter diminishes the likelihood of the candidate reapplying for the position. A poor candidate experience can also affect your reputation.

During the recruitment process, you should identify how to solve the problem. You also need to measure the candidate experience of previous candidates. This will play an important role in improving the candidates’ experience. Once you have an idea of your candidate’s experience, you can improve it daily.

Summing Up

The right recruitment marketing process can help attract candidates. It is crucial to use it correctly to attract the best candidates. After all, the best candidates will also add value to the company. You should organize your recruitment procedures to enhance your brand.

Use software like Jobsoid to simplify the application process for job seekers. Schedule your demonstration today for further insights.

Jobsoid Team