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How to set up an Employee Referral Program in Jobsoid?

Kelly Barcelos on November 13, 2020 in Applicant Tracking System

In this blog, we will tell you about employee referral programs including how to set an employee referral program up in Jobsoid.


The competition for finding top talent is getting fiercer. Hiring managers are always troubled by the hunt for finding good fit candidates for their job postings. In addition to posting about your open positions on leading job boards, you can also share jobs on your social media profiles.

It is known to everyone that job advertising is one of the backbones of a successful hiring process. But did you know that candidate sourcing also helps you in finding the desired talent? There are various candidate sourcing techniques that you can implement in your recruitment processes.

  • Recruitment Database
  • Recruiter Network
  • Employee Referrals

Your existing talent pool could be one of the best sources for finding the right candidate for your jobs. In the event of an available job opening, you could get in touch with these candidates from your existing talent pool. Secondly, you could connect with some recruiters or staffing agencies to source talented professionals. Lastly, you can plan out an employee referral process to fill positions in the easiest and simple way.

Employee Referral Program

Employee referral program is a program asking your employees to refer/recommend candidates to you. This is an internal way of recruiting candidates.

Having worked in your company for a certain amount of time, your employees know what kind of candidates you are looking for. They are also the best judges for finding out whether the candidate would gel well with the company culture and work environment. You can motivate employees to refer candidates to you by offering them some referral bonuses. It could be some gift voucher or some cash bonus.

Advantages of Employee Referral Program

Here are some of the advantages of setting up an employee referral program for your company’s hiring.

Effective Candidate Sourcing

Employee referral programs are the best way to source candidates. You do not have to post your jobs on various job boards or hunt down passive candidates. Your employees will help you with finding the right candidates for your roles. In other words, you no longer need manual job postings or recruitment marketing emails.

Improved Employee Engagement

Involving your employees in your recruitment process is a good way of showing them that you value them. When you ask your employees for candidate recommendations, you are indirectly assigning them a responsibility. It will make them feel more responsible.

Better Company Culture

A healthy work environment and company culture are the two major things required for a happy workplace. By assigning the responsibility of recommending candidates to your employees, you are instilling a sense of responsibility and trust in them. In addition to this, it will also help you with your employer branding.

Faster Hires

Recruitment is a lengthy and time-consuming process. It is usually this time that becomes the reason why you lose out on qualified candidates. When your employees are referring candidates to you, you are sure that they would recommend someone who is genuinely interested in your job and your company. This will in turn speed up your recruitment process and help you make faster hires.

Applicant tracking systems like Jobsoid allows you to set up an employee referral program without any hassles. All you need to do is follow simple steps to get your portal up and running.

How Jobsoid can help you set up one?

Setting up your employee referral portal is just a matter of a few steps with Jobsoid.

You can activate your referral program by simply clicking ON the Referral Portal Toggle in the Settings of your account.

To keep your account from spam registrations, we allow you to have complete control over choosing the domains who sign up for your employee referral program.

Once this is done, your referral portal is ready. You can share the link with your employees and ask them to sign up for the same. You can also send a joining invite to your employees from the Settings.

How do referrals work in Jobsoid?

Your employees will be able to refer candidates to you once they sign up for their account on your portal. They will be able to generate and share their referral links with their friends/candidates.

As Jobsoid is integrated with social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, your employees can share the jobs directly on their social media profiles. In addition to this, they can also share job opportunities via email. Furthermore, they will be able to track referrals on their account dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions about Employee Referral Portal.

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about the Jobsoid Employee Referral portal.

Is Jobsoid Employee Referral Portal free?
Employee Referral Portal is available on Standard and higher plans. However, we offer you to try out this portal during your Free Trial.

How long does it take to get my referral portal running?
You can get your referral portal running in minutes. You can refer this help article to know more – Setting up your referral portal.

Do I need to publish my jobs separately on my referral portal?
No, you do not have to publish your jobs separately on the referral portal. Every job opening that you publish on your account will be automatically shown on your employee referral portal.

How can my employees share the job openings and track their referrals?
Your employees can share the jobs as well as track their referrals directly from their referral account. You can refer this article to know more – Referring Candidates using the referral portal.

Streamline your candidate sourcing process by implementing an employee referral program in your company. Set up your employee referral program in Jobsoid and hire better candidates faster. Register for a Free Account today!

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