HR 2020 - 10 Qualities Every Hiring Manager Should Have

HR 2023 – 10 Qualities Every HR Professional Should Have

Michael Dehoyos on December 14, 2019 in HR Management

Every year brings about significant changes and trends in the HR and Recruitment industry. In order to be successful at HR, every HR Personnel needs to keep up with these latest trends and tricks. The hiring team needs to be capable enough to carry out all hiring activities efficiently. Firstly, having the desired HR qualities and the right attitude is mandatory for your success as a HR Professional.

One of the most proven ways of excelling at your Human Resources (HR) job is by developing your skills and following the latest trends in HR.

But what are those qualities that will make you stand out amongst other HR Professionals? What will make you a good HR representative?

The answer to this question will vary. Every hiring team will have a different perception. There are a good number of traits that do tend to correlate with success in HR.

We have made a list of 10 valuable HR qualities that you should have for success in the HR Industry in 2021.

Organization Is Key

It is true that HR professionals are not only responsible for hiring the best talent. They also play an important role in employees’ development and wellbeing. In addition to this, they also have to plan and manage other activities.

Being organized is a must if you want to be a successful HR Personnel. Right from posting the job openings on various job boards to the candidate screening process, from sourcing potential candidates to interview process; Human Resource Professionals need to have a defined recruitment process.

Feigning your organizational skills and taking up a job would be a foolish thing any HR professionals can do.

Be a Clear and Calm Communicator

Communication plays an important part in the success of any job role, especially HR. You should develop a friendly relationship with the employees. Being working in the HR department, you might often have to deal with sensitive personal issues or some issues related to legal procedures.

You ought to be a patient listener. Letting your team know what the company expects from them and where they stand is critical for their success as well as yours. A single miscommunication in HR can indeed call for a disaster.

In addition to this, you should have exceptional verbal communication skills. Sourcing top candidates and potential job seekers for your job postings will involve a lot of back and forth communication. Here, having an applicant tracking system with a built-in communication center can save you oodles of hard work.

Be An Example To The Rest Of The Office

Hiring qualified candidates for your roles is one major task for hiring teams. In addition to this, hiring teams should also ensure an awesome employee experience and employee satisfaction. You can initiate and organize some fun events, parties or picnics for your team.

Amidst all the office work, your team might not be willing to carry out certain HR-related formalities or attend seminars. It is entirely your responsibility to convince them to do the same. This is one of the desired HRr qualities you ought to have. The employees should never feel pressurized.

As you are the person who is assigned such tasks, you must treat them with empathy. You should make them understand how it is going to be beneficial for them and be their guide.

Be A Problem Solver

Problem-solving is indeed an important trait for HR Professionals. But its application in HR is of utmost importance. Being an HR, you might have to deal with the problems that your organization is facing and that of the employees as well. If you get flustered and panic in the face of a problem, the team will undoubtedly lose faith in you and the department.

You should be confident about your abilities and solve the problems with logical and practical thinking.

Making Tough Decisions

There is no HR Personnel out there who can make everyone happy. Whether you are implementing some new policies for employee happiness or planning an outing, there is a high probability that employees might challenge your decision.

In situations like these, you need to have the confidence to stick with what you’ve decided, no matter what pressure you are facing. You can conduct some employee surveys to arrive at a conclusion that will be appreciated by all.

Be A (Controlled) Risk Taker

HR seems the most risk-averse department in the office. You always need to be on the lookout for ways to improve your hiring efforts and recruitment strategies. Recruitment nowadays is not just about finding candidates and hiring the right talent. In addition to this,  you also need to portray and build a strong employer brand.

You can sign up for recruitment software like Jobsoid and streamline all the hiring processes in less than a week. You can also leverage advanced Jobsoid tools for building your employer branding on social media and other platforms.

All About Data

Candidate data and HR policies are two essential elements for HR jobs. Employ advanced candidate sourcing techniques to build your talent pool. Whether it is candidate resumes or some HR policies, you should have all the desired knowledge about the same.

You can also implement an employee referral program to source the best candidates for job roles. Setting up some recruitment marketing campaigns for engaging your existing talent pool or screening your candidates on a video, applicant tracking system as Jobsoid offers you amazing candidate engagement tools.

Multitasking Is Key

No matter how efficient you are, being an HR Professional is a spinning plate act. You need to undertake lots of tasks for hiring the best talent as well as for all the satisfaction of existing employees.

You are expected to post jobs on multiple job boards, source the desired talent, screen candidates, schedule interviews and carry out many more tasks at one time. Multitasking abilities are a must for you if you want to stay on top of the recruitment game.

Understand Ethics

To succeed as an HR, you ought to be ethical. It is one of the most important HR qualities. Also, you need to understand ethics in an applied sense. You might have to deal with many challenges that might require you to be practical. You must realize the ideal of right and wrong in your office.

Embrace The Process

Learning on the job is one of the blessings for any HR. You should be an open-minded and vigilant individual. You should be ready to implement the latest HR trends and optimize your recruitment process. Similarly, you should plan out employee engagement activities to promote excellent employee engagement.

HR is a wonderful department with excellent career security that can be rewarding. You can make a tangible difference in people’s lives in the office. If you’re considering it, make sure that you have these HR qualities locked down.

Michael Dehoyos

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