6 New Year Resolutions to Boost Recruiting Efforts in 2023

Kelly Barcelos on January 31, 2018 in Applicant Tracking System

It’s a month into 2023, and high-time that recruiters start thinking about their career goals and game plans. While you don’t really need a special occasion for self-improvement, it definitely won’t hurt to use the upcoming year as an opportunity for self-appraisal and improvement.

Making these 6 small changes to your recruitment routine won’t give you a promotion overnight, but will surely make you a better recruiter and give you a competitive edge

  1. Create a Compelling Brand Identity that Attracts Top Talent

    The employer brand can influence the perception of your potential employees so personalize your careers portal and make a lasting first impression with professional themes and beautifully designed pages.

    Recruiters can use the features of applicant tracking system to format textual content and cover images to blend with company’s existing theme. With an ATS you can design your careers site the way you want to while ensuring that it is mobile responsive and markets your brand as an employer of choice.

  2. Make Positive Candidate Experience a Priority

    Millennials will make up a majority of the workforce in 2018 and this tech-savvy generation is accustomed to accomplishing every task in a matter of minutes. So don’t subject them to a tedious and time-consuming application process that asks for a lot of redundant information because this will definitely drive them away.

    Make it quick, easy and convenient for them with applicant tracking software that lets you customize your application form. With an Applicant Tracking System you can choose the information you want for every specific job, add or eliminate fields accordingly and personalize questionnaires to get exactly what you want, ensuring a positive candidate experience.

  3. Leverage HR Tech to Automate Time-Consuming Tasks

    Advanced HR technology serves as a single point database for every recruitment task. From automating manual activities and screening the right candidates to managing candidate communications and generating HR reports, a fully-loaded applicant tracking software does everything to save you a ton of time and effort. By automating manual and repetitive recruitment tasks, busy recruiters can stay focused on other, more important activities like interviewing and onboarding.

  4. Upgrade Your Skills and Knowledge by Joining an HR Forum

    Joining a knowledge group or an HR community will not only expand your professional network but also raise your awareness about the latest industry trends. It brings you an ideal opportunity to discuss and deliberate the changing realities of human resources so you can stay prepared to take on the challenges of this dynamic industry.

    Whether you view it as a reliable resource for the best industry practices or a self-help platform, being a part of it will only help you harness the power of knowledge and experience coming in from contemporaries.

  5. Revamp Your Onboarding Process to Reduce the Attrition Rate

    Take a more proactive approach to managing a multigenerational workforce by investing your time and resources into new hires. Your role as a recruiter does not end with the final offer. Rather, it starts by making the onboarding process seamless. Onboarding brings you an opportunity to make more intense connections, radiate the culture of your company and ensure that the transition is smooth for every new hire.

    Make them feel valued and special by congratulating them on achievements and rewarding them for their efforts. Finally, don’t hold back incentives and promotions if you don’t want to lose new hires to competitors.

  6. Use HR Analytics to Track Productivity and Reduce Costs

    A feature-rich applicant tracking system can pull all the data you need to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of your recruitment process. From the number of candidates in your sourcing pipeline to the number of vacancies filled, an ATS tracks everything in real-time to facilitate informed decision making.

    It eliminates all the guesswork from your processes and ensures that you make no mistakes. You can also track problems that may arise in the future and what they could cost the company so you are fully-equipped with the solution if the problem arises at all.

Make your 2023 count by keeping these resolutions and deliver more than what is expected of you.

Kelly Barcelos

Kelly Barcelos is a progressive digital marketing manager specializing in HR and is responsible for leading Jobsoid’s content and social media team. When Kelly is not building campaigns, she is busy creating content and preparing PR topics. She started with Jobsoid as a social media strategist and eventually took over the entire digital marketing team with her innovative approach and technical expertise.