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6 Smart Recruiting Marketing Ideas for Hiring Success

Kelly Barcelos on February 8, 2018 in Recruitment Strategy

As the war for top talent gets fierce and candidates continue to focus on company culture before finalizing a career decision, recruiters are becoming more innovative with their recruitment strategies to get the team they need.

6 Marketing Techniques That Recruiters can use to Hire Better

  1. Use a Branded Careers Site to Lure Elusive Talent

    Your potential employees want to know why working for you is great, meaningful, and how it aligns with their personal career goals. High performers are looking for an employer whose core value and vision coincide with their own aspirations and work ethics. Use these insights into your careers portal to make the right first impression on your potential employees.

    A professionally-designed, mobile-responsive careers portal is sure to strengthen your employer brand and attract top industry talent. Recruiters can use an applicant tracking software to set a custom theme for the careers portal while ensuring it blends well with the brand’s color scheme.

    You can also choose different layouts and beautifully designed pages to impress them and treat them to a great application experience. When integrated with applicant tracking system, a branded careers portal also offers quick access to your company’s online presence, expanding your online reach and enhancing your credibility overnight.

  2. Make the Most of Social Media to Drive Referrals

    Don’t neglect your existing employees in your marketing efforts. Turn them into your brand ambassadors and have them share your content and openings on their LinkedIn profile and social media feeds with a link back to your careers portal.

    Social media is a great platform to reach out to passive talent through a consistent flow of content. ATS integrated social media recruiting is one of the most effective marketing tools to give your recruitment efforts an instant boost.

  3. Leverage Automation to Ensure Consistent Candidate Engagement

    The biggest issue hurting the candidate experience is tied to poor communication and lack of information. Applicant tracking software lets you automate and personalize candidate engagement at every step of the sourcing process.

    From customizing a long and boring application process to personalizing confirmation emails, an Applicant Tracking System keeps your potential candidates informed and updated as they proceed through your talent pipeline.

  4. Capitalize on the Customizable Features of an ATS for Accurate Recruitment Marketing Metrics

    Recruitment marketing metrics can significantly improve candidate quality while lowering your recruitment cost. Applicant tracking software accurately measures everything from cost per hire and conversion rate to high-performing platforms and time taken to fill positions.

    To ensure candidate quality, it is essential to track marketing metrics at the granular level so you know which platforms are underperforming and assess which messages are more effective so you can accordingly improvise your marketing efforts for maximum results.

  5. Draw on Content Marketing to Capture More Leads

    From job descriptions to social content to careers portal, use every medium to tell a story that incorporates your company’s flexible culture and career development opportunities to gain a competitive advantage. To demonstrate your authority as an employer of choice, start a blog section that adds value and resonates with your target audience.

    Share content on your company’s LinkedIn page and repurpose it by creating infographics, presentations, and videos. Address pain points in your job descriptions, incorporate company ebooks and webinars wherever you can and include the right keywords for the positions you are hiring. Whatever you do, don’t just talk but also listen, engage, educate and entertain through story-telling if you want content marketing to be truly effective. To leverage the full potential of content marketing services, it is crucial to collaborate with a trusted provider of content marketing services.

  6. Create Effective Messages to Attract More Qualified Candidates

    Effective messages engage your audience and expand your recruitment reach but for that, it is important that your messages are tailored to the unique needs of your target group. If you are targeting an audience of potential employees, don’t emphasize the perks of working with you or highlight the various features of your organization.

    Instead, promote the ways your organization offers a job with perfect work-life balance and a meaningful career ladder. If you want to attract millennials, craft your messaging to reflect the actual work experience.

Now that you’ve learned a few nuggets for attracting qualified candidates to your talent pipeline, make sure you integrate an applicant tracking software to simplify, streamline and speed up your marketing campaign. Sign up for Jobsoid’s free trial today and advertise your open positions with an impact.

Kelly Barcelos

Kelly Barcelos is a progressive digital marketing manager specializing in HR and is responsible for leading Jobsoid’s content and social media team. When Kelly is not building campaigns, she is busy creating content and preparing PR topics. She started with Jobsoid as a social media strategist and eventually took over the entire digital marketing team with her innovative approach and technical expertise.