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Recruiting Passive Candidates – Do’s and Don’ts

Kelly Barcelos on March 5, 2021 in Recruitment Strategy

When recruiting, do not limit yourself to only active candidates. Passive candidates too do not mind considering a job offer; that is exciting even though they may not be looking for one. However, engaging with passive candidates needs you to be smarter in your approach. To secure a recruiting deal that is beneficial for you and the passive candidates, you should know some basic do’s and don’ts of passive recruiting.

Here are some don’ts that can hinder your recruiting process and make you lose on quality passive candidates.

  • Don’t be generic in your messages.

    To catch the attention of the passive candidate, make sure you avoid being generic in your approach. Do your research and filter the skills that suit your job requirements. Once you have reviewed the candidate’s profile thoroughly, contact the candidate. Let your message/email be conversational and personalized. Mention noticing a key achievement of the candidate or a skill that can be an asset to your job offer.

    Qualified passive candidates are likely to receive a ton of job offer messages regularly. These messages often end up being identical. So when you customize your message, a candidate will view it to be a genuine offer. It also shows that you have taken time and effort to understand the candidate’s skills and are willing to allow them to utilize those correctly.

    Lastly, tailor your message to be concise and to the point. You cannot expect candidates to give your message a read if you have not done the same to their profiles.

  • Don’t give monetary benefits the top spot.

    Candidates are most likely to change jobs in the absence of strategic career growth. So, unless your job offer gives the candidate a career-enhancing opportunity, avoid pointing out the monetary benefits. A job offer that is not exciting for the candidate or matches his/her career goals will never be the one even with an attractive pay scale.

  • Don’t deescalate the hiring process.

    Passive candidates tend to be more selective when it comes to new career opportunities. So, let your hiring process be an efficient one. Offer the candidates a chance to discuss the job opportunity and their career goals. As a Hiring Manager, you can share job-specific information with the candidate via a phone call or email.

    Candidates are likely to consider your job offer when you provide the scope to understand the job better. This gives the candidates a chance to weigh the job merits and decide accordingly.. Most importantly, a defined and efficient recruiting process will yield you long-term benefits.

Now that you are aware of the recruiting errors to avoid, let us take a look at the do’s of passive recruiting. These tips will help you establish a job deal within 10 minutes, if not lesser.

  • Do indicate your employer branding and company culture.

    Focus on how the candidate can benefit and contribute to your employer branding. Instead of mentioning ‘how’ the job role offered is perfect for them, make them understand ‘why’ it is the best fit. Point out how the job responsibilities and their skills are the right match. Let them know how the role you are offering can give their career a boost. However, ensure that your explanation does not sound like a sales pitch but an opportunity with both, professional and personal growth.

  • Do incite employee referrals.

    One of the most effective ways to reach passive candidates is via employee referrals. Not only does it let you target passive candidates but it also helps encourage active candidate’s involvement. Employee referrals can also get you in touch with more credible candidates that come with a high conversion rate.

  • Do offer a decent monetary increase.

    Complimenting career benefits with an attractive monetary increase will help you seal the deal. Offer at least a 30% hike to get the passive candidate interested in your job offer. This way, you are likely to get quality passive candidates that are a perfect fit for the job roles.

Finding the right talent is not easy, but these passive recruiting tips are sure to ease the recruiting process. You can further increase your chances of attracting top talent by using recruiting software.

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Recruiting Passive Candidates

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