Does Your ATS Possess These Crucial Features?

Kelly Barcelos on August 26, 2016 in Applicant Tracking System

Also known as a candidate management system, an applicant tracking system (ATS) may be defined as a software application tailored to meet the recruitment needs of an employer more effectively. It is an efficient mechanism to streamline the application process and shortlist the best-suited candidates.

It is a crucial tool used by employers these days as it simplifies the task of selecting suitable candidates to a great extent. It not only makes the experience hassle free but also speeds it up. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze your ATS and see if it is enhancing your recruitment process or hindering it. Here are a few features that an ATS must possess:

Data Centralization

When you have loads of data to check and cross-check, it becomes absolutely important for it to be stored in one place. Storing all the recruitment data in one place not only saves your time but also makes the process easier. In addition, it must be updated in real time to give you correct information. Best systems have features like instant messaging and easier communication tools.

Enhancing Candidate Sourcing

A good ATS must be able to pick up contacts and profiles from social media and other CV databases depending upon the requirement. The best systems employ browser extensions to import such data.

Feedback Facility

Feedback is a testimonial to the best performing candidates. Therefore, it allows the hiring managers to see and measure the skills of a candidate against that of another. Further, features like scorecards make the comparison process easier and aids the process of screening candidates.

Tracking a Candidate

Sometimes, a candidate might not fit your requirements but it might be possible that after a few months they meet your needs. Therefore, a good ATS will help you track down such candidates over a span of time and help you make better decisions.

Resume Sorting

This is a feature that will allow you to choose the best candidate by sorting the resumes. ATS is also resume sorting software that sorts down candidate profile based on some particular criteria like experience, skills, language, etc.

Application Process Streamlining

ATS also assists in streamlining the application process by centralizing all the other processes at one place. It organizes the data and candidate profiles for employers to search and sort. Moreover, it allows you to save the candidate profiles for future reference.

Excellent Reporting

For best recruitment, an ATS is required to have the best reporting function. It should be able to measure all the recruitment activity so that you are able to get hold of the best talent.

User-Friendly Interface and Referrals

Your ATS must have an interface that makes you able to see through candidate profiles hassle-free. It should not be annoying for a person to look through different profiles and shortlist some. The system should be so self-explanatory and efficient that it only displays the data that you need.

Also, your staff should be able to see the vacancies and send messages across their network to find the best candidates. This is because your staff knows your work and requirements and is able to refer the best candidates for a particular job profile.

Why Jobsoid?

Jobsoid is an excellent cloud-based recruitment software that promises to make the tiring process of hiring candidates much easier. It lets you manage the entire process of recruitment at one place and attract the best talent in the industry.

Jobsoid is a fully customizable application form that will take care of your unique hiring needs. It facilitates the recruitment process by allowing you to view the candidate’s complete profile on one page. It gives you the liberty to add or change questions in the form in an instant.

With the dynamic look and captivating interface, Jobsoid is also a mobile recruiting software which you can access on the go right from your mobile phone. It is built to leave a long lasting impression on your prospects and hence, give you best results. Once a job is posted here, your openings are distributed everywhere. It has a Facebook careers tab which automatically posts your requirements to over 1 billion users at a time.

With all the critical features discussed above, Jobsoid is a great employee onboarding software that filters out the right candidates in a stress-free manner.

Kelly Barcelos

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