Tips to Make the Recruitment Process Candidate-Centric and Why it Matters

Candidate Centric Recruitment Process

Jobsoid Team on December 21, 2018 in Recruitment Strategy

Gone are the times when people would take up a job and continue with until retirement. Today people switch at least 8 to 10 jobs before they hit 40. Everyone is job hopping all the time, picking and choosing employers that promise a great company culture and a meaningful career ladder.

Today’s tech-savvy job seeker is extremely unwilling to waste time so if you want to stand apart as an employer in this swirly eddy of job seekers, you need to make sure that your recruitment strategies put your potential candidates first.

5 ways to make your potential employees feel truly valued and at the center of everything you do:

  1. Offering a Personalized Candidate Experience

    72% of candidates who have a poor experience share it online and also with personal and professional contacts.
    Source: CareerArc

    No job seeker likes to receive an opening pitch that completely misses the point and reads like a spam. Your pitch should sound like a one-on-one communication that is personalized with proof that you know your potential employee and understand what they want from a job. Leverage the needs and wants of your candidate to personalize your messaging as it will automatically filter the right fit and also position your openings as a perfect opportunity.

  2. Review Resumes Beyond Skills and Qualifications

    60% job seekers have quit the application process halfway because it was lengthy and complex.
    Source: CareerArc

    Just having the needed knowledge, skill set and experience required for a role is no longer enough. Today is all about hiring a culture fit and it requires recruiters to dig deeper into the candidate’s aspirations, personal values, working style, and interests. Bringing like-minded individuals with a growth mindset onboard leads to better chemistry and a helps build a team that is driven to achieve your business goals.

  3. Proactively Engage Active Job Seekers

    65% of candidates say they rarely receive a notification about their application status.
    Source: CareerArc

    Tapping passive talent on social platforms is becoming passé simply because over the time, recruiters have realized that the process is time-consuming, cannot be tracked, is barely scalable and the outcome is always unpredictable. The new recruiting process is designed to proactively attract and engage active job seekers using artificial intelligence. AI that employs sophisticated algorithms to identify candidates with the desired skills and knowledge needed to fit your roles and suit your company culture.

  4. Know Your Brand Better to Answer Interview Questions

    99% of employers believe that offering a positive candidate experience to both hired and rejected candidates has protected their employer brand from negative reviews and 80% think that a candidate-driven approach would be very impactful.
    Source: CareerArc

    Recruiters need to know the nuances of their brand’s products and offerings, the dynamics of the tech teams, and the USP of their company. This helps in differentiating your employer brand and also creates a sense of trust and credibility among potential candidates. Knowing your brand will put you in a better position to establish good rapport with candidates, answer their interview questions and sell your openings more impressively.

  5. Keep the Recruitment Process Fair and Transparent

    Only 46% of employers report revamping their recruitment process for an improved candidate experience.
    Source: CareerArc

    The job market is candidate-driven and so your prospective candidates know they are in demand. Market data is easily available at your potential employee’s fingertips so you need to make the negotiation process fair and open. When candidates already know that they are hot commodity in a tight job market, letting them know that your job offer is on the right side of compromise will surely work in your favor.

If you want to be successful at attracting, engaging, hiring and retaining top talent, improving the candidate experience is not an option you have. Having an Applicant Tracking System that is armed with all the right features and functionalities will enable you to deliver a positive candidate experience from start to finish.

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Jobsoid Team