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Employee referrals are the best way to hire talented professionals for your job roles. Learn how to track employee referrals in Jobsoid.
Divya Bandodkar on February 16, 2021
Glassdoor is one of the best job boards and employer review site. Learn how to post a job on Glassdoor in few easy steps.
Divya Bandodkar on February 11, 2021
Creating a recruitment marketing campaign with Jobsoid is easy. Learn how to create a campaign and boost your recruitment marketing efforts.
Divya Bandodkar on February 9, 2021
Interview scheduling is a tedious task. Know the best interview times with the help of Jobsoid & simplify your interview scheduling process.
Divya Bandodkar on February 1, 2021
Read this blog to know how you can convey your company culture in job descriptions and make the right impression on your potential hires.
Wileen Barretto on January 30, 2021
Read this blog about video questionnaires vs textual questionnaires to know why the former one is preferred by hiring teams.
Wileen Barretto on January 27, 2021
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