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Recruitment is the very first step in the process of attracting and finding new employees while hiring is the last step in the entire process.
Kelly Barcelos on August 5, 2016
The interviewer should be well-prepared for conducting the interview. Read this blog on tips for conducting successful technical interviews.
Kelly Barcelos on August 2, 2016
Social media has practically become an endless source of talent. This blog is about how your active employees can be social media recruiters for you.
Kelly Barcelos on June 24, 2016
Mobile apps are dominating the recruitment world. Mobile recruitment now makes the application procedure simpler for applicants & recruiters.
Kelly Barcelos on June 3, 2016
What should you do differently to stand out and land that dream job? The following tips should help you to enhance your resume.
Kelly Barcelos on February 22, 2016
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