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Jobsoid has compiled a list of best talent acquisition trends for 2018. Read this blog and boost your recruitment efforts today!
Kelly Barcelos on December 15, 2017
Wrong hiring decisions can impact your company’s productivity adversely. Use Jobsoid for making better hiring decisions. Sign up for Free Account today!
Jobsoid Team on November 10, 2017
Job Hoppers are a controversial group popularly known as Millennials. Here are 6 major reasons to make the most of these multitalented professionals.
Kelly Barcelos on July 21, 2017
Around 71% of all highly paid HR posts are held by women today. This blog gives you 5 reasons why the HR World belongs to women.
Kelly Barcelos on June 16, 2017
Every enterprise is leveraging advanced technology for improved efficiency and hiring is no exception. Here are 6 ways HR tech is transforming for better.
Kelly Barcelos on June 9, 2017
The ultimate goal of every hiring process is finding the right fit for all the vacancies in the organization. Read 5 reasons why communication is mandatory.
Kelly Barcelos on June 2, 2017
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