Benefits of Workplace Diversity and Ways to Improve Them

Benefits of Workplace Diversity and Ways to Improve Them

Kelly Barcelos on September 30, 2021 in HR Management

“D&I needs to be something that every single employee at the company has a stake in.” — Bo Young Lee

Diversity and inclusion, commonly known as D&I, are amongst the most discussed topics in the workplace.

Strategies to hire inclusive and diverse talents in your organization can help increase the company’s growth. Many big-shot companies have started implementing diversity into their organization and are already reaping its fruits in recent years.

Workplace diversity enhances creativity as well as boosts company reputation in the marketplace.

There are a lot of benefits of workplace diversity you can see. Let’s take a look at it.

What is Diversity?

People are blessed with unique characteristics like their gender, race, ethnicity, caste, religion, etc. These special points make people different from one another, even in the workplace.

Nowadays, diversity hiring takes place in the workforce a lot more often. It refers to the hiring of people with unique characteristics.

Diversity is not limited to only one type. Let’s take a look at it.

Types of Diversity in the Workplace

Some diversities can be internal and not seen by the world, while others are external and easily accessible.

Below are the different types of diversities at a workplace:

  1. Internal

    Internal diversities are diversities a person is born with and has no control over changing it.

    These factors include – race, age, ethnicity, national origin, and cultural diversity.

  2. External

    External diversities include characteristics people are not born with. They can, however, modify or change it as per their wish.

    These diversities include – education, skills, religion, geographic location, socioeconomic status, citizenship, and experiences.

  3. Organizational

    Diversity factors that arise in a workplace are called organizational diversity.

    These include – job functions, job location, work department, management status, and level of seniority.

  4. World View

    As the word suggests, world view diversity is the diverse difference in people’s views on the world. Your opinions on the world can change according to your experience, knowledge, history, etc.

    World view diversity includes – political beliefs, knowledge history, and cultural events.

8 Solid Benefits of Workplace Diversity

  1. Increase in Employee Engagement

    Higher employee engagement is the ultimate dream for any organization.

    Diversity makes a person feel included in a company. This increases their engagement at the workplace.

    It becomes a win-win situation for both – the employer and the employee.

    Employees will participate in more activities when they start feeling included, which will positively affect the company.

  2. Innovation Increases

    When people with different backgrounds collaborate, different ideas come into play.

    People with different cultural backgrounds are bound to bring various experiences and beliefs with them.

    This brings various ideas into the workplace and increases innovation. Fresh ideas are introduced, and creative solutions are found.

  3. An Increase in Revenue and Profits

    Increased employee engagement will eventually lead to an increase in employee retention rate, which will, in turn, increase the revenue and profits of a company.

    This is the most crucial benefit of diversity in the workplace.

  4. Improves Decision Making

    If your employee feels like he is heard in the workplace, they are more likely to bring their point of view at the table. This will benefit the company as they will have the privilege to listen to different perspectives and ideas.

    Different opinions will open the doors for better decision-making opportunities.

  5. Increase in Retention Rate

    Employee turnover is a huge deal, and getting your employees to stay in your company takes a considerable effort.

    It is evident that when your employees are happy, they are more likely to stay in your organization.

    A huge benefit of diversity in your workplace you can think of is an increase in the retention rate.

  6. Better Company Reputation

    Your company’s brand identity enhances when you have an inclusive and diverse workplace.

    With the rise of current global events, diversity has become a major issue. Incorporating diversity and inclusion policies is a wise decision to boost your company’s reputation.

  7. Cultural Awareness

    Your company gets better at handling the global marketplace with a diverse workforce available.

    A diverse culture at your workplace allows your organization to expand communication. For example, if you are dealing with a client from China, a person who speaks Mandarin will improve workplace relations.

  8. Increased Marketing Opportunities

    Promoting positive messages, like an inclusive workplace, sends a good reputation in the marketplace.

    The company’s reputation increases in the market, and people will more likely be willing to work.

10 Effective Ways to Improve Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

  1. The Inclusive Workplace Model

    If your company fails to acknowledge diversity and inclusion at the workplace, you risk your valuable employees’ alienation.

    Diversity not only increases employee engagement but also increases employee retention rate.

    The inclusive workplace model makes people feel valued at the workplace, and they are more likely to participate in different activities in the company actively.

  2. Evaluating Your Executives

    The top management level of your company is the mirror of your workforce. Having a team of executives that portray diversity and inclusion is therefore essential.

  3. Acknowledging Multiple Cultural Practices

    An inclusive culture brings in the benefit of great engagement and retention rate for your organization.

    Acknowledging and honoring multiple religious and cultural practices in your company will make your employees feel valued. You can do so by observing holidays on specific dates related to their religious sentiments.

  4. Every Employee Is Heard and Valued

    It is vital to foster a company culture where every employee’s voice is heard, and their opinions are valued.

    Often employees feel the need to quit their job as they feel less valued in the company. You need to develop a platform for your employees to express their opinions.

  5. Gender Pay Gap

    The gender pay gap has been a widely talked about phenomenon in the world.

    Having transparent communication with your employees about gender pay inequalities is the best way to hear their side and avoid miscommunication.

  6. Multilingual Workforce

    Adopting the diversity recruitment strategy at your workplace enables and ensures a working environment with a mixture of multiple languages and cultures.

    Taking someone’s language barriers into account is the best way to make them feel included.

  7. Foster Diverse Thinking

    Diverse hiring welcomes diverse thinking into the workplace. Various viewpoints from people with different backgrounds are exchanged.

    This enhances the workforce and enables growth.

  8. A Multigenerational Workforce

    Creating a work environment where knowledge is acknowledged from different generations is a plus point for you.

    While making the workforce generation inclusive, make sure you understand the generation gap caused by tech-savy tools.

  9. Employ Anti-discriminatory Policies

    You need to employ policies that are anti-discriminatory and are inclusive.

    A tailored approach must be used to get rid of any discrimination at the workplace.

  10. No Bias in Promotion and Employee Evaluation

    The hiring process has been filled with unconscious racism and ageism on a lot of occasions. If you keep ignoring this aspect, your company’s reputation may get affected negatively.

    Eliminating unconscious discriminating processes need to be taken into action immediately.

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