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Setting up a recruitment budget can be a daunting task. Read this blog about how to create the right budget and maximise your recruitment ROI.
Kelly Barcelos on April 30, 2019
Learn how to Leverage the employee on boarding process to retain talent and stay ahead of competition with these best practices.
Kelly Barcelos on February 28, 2019
Confused between Internal and External Recruitment? Read this blog post to find out pros and cons associated with both of them.
Kelly Barcelos on January 22, 2019
Which recruitment metrics should you track in 2020? To help you prioritize, we've narrowed down the most important KPIs & the right ways to measure them!
Kelly Barcelos on January 8, 2019
AI-powered HR tech is automating virtually every task of the recruitment process to help recruiters effectively attract, screen, engage and hire candidates.
Divya Bandodkar on December 24, 2018
Reduce the time, effort and money you spend on traditional hiring methods. Read this blog about how to digitize your recruitment process using Jobsoid.
Kelly Barcelos on September 14, 2018