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Top 10 Job Descriptions for Human Resources Industry

Poonam Jamuni on September 4, 2020 in Insights

The Human Resources industry is a vital part of any organization. Human Resource personnel assists the organization in finding the best talent. They are responsible for recruiting, screening, as well as interviewing candidates. The HR professional’s duties also include employee retention and hiring talent that adopts the company’s culture very well.

The ideal candidate should conduct the necessary background checks on prospective employees, help in employee orientation as well as their training. Maintaining employee records as well as their employment records is essential in the HR department.

In addition to this, the prospective candidate should also manage compensation to retain employees and negotiate benefits and other plans with the employees. The potential candidate should hold a Human Resources certification in the required specialization. Furthermore, the candidate should possess extraordinary leadership skills, solid communication skills, and exceptional work ethics.

The Human Resources industry offers various opportunities such as HR Director, Recruitment Marketing Manager, Compensation and Benefits Manager, HR Consultant, and a lot more.

Here are the top 10 job descriptions for the Human Resources industry.

  • Human Resources Manager (HR Manager)
  • Talent Acquisition Manager
  • HR Recruiter
  • Technical Recruiter
  • Headhunter
  • Payroll Clerk
  • Talent Sourcer
  • HR and Admin Officer
  • Staffing Coordinator
  • Recruitment Manager

Now, let us look at all these top 10 Job Descriptions for Human Resources Industry in detail.

  1. Human Resources Manager (HR Manager)

    A Human Resources Manager is responsible for conducting employee analysis reports as well as managing employee performance. The HR Manager is also responsible for developing and implementing a strategic plan for the organization.

    In addition to this, the HR Manager should help in employee talent management and training programs. The ability to handle confidential and sensitive information is the main goal of this position. The potential candidate should be familiar with Applicant Tracking Systems and other HR Softwares. In addition to this, the candidate should also have strong time management skills, amazing employee coaching skills, and excellent communication skills.

    Explore this HR Manager Job Description template.

  2. Talent Acquisition Manager

    A Talent Acquisition Manager is responsible for planning, developing as well as executing talent acquisition strategies. The candidate is also responsible for hiring and retaining talented candidates. In addition to this, building a strong employer brand is essential for this human resource job role.

    Prior work experience with knowledge of recruitment processes, HRIS, and ATS is an advantage for candidates willing to join the HR department. The prospective candidate should possess phenomenal decision-making skills, communication skills, and the ability to pay close attention to details.

    Check out this Talent Acquisition Manager Job Description template.

  3. HR Recruiter

    An HR Recruiter is responsible for planning and sourcing candidates for the organization. They are also responsible for leading and scheduling interviews for the HR department.

    The HR Recruiter should possess exceptional attention to detail to check the candidate applications as well as the resumes. In addition to this, the candidate should also have a thorough knowledge of the Applicant Tracking System as well as Resume databases. Furthermore, the candidate should also contribute towards building a strong employer branding.

    Familiarity with various sourcing techniques is the key requirement for this role. Amazing record-keeping skills, strong communication skills, and the ability to manage time effectively are the skills this job position demands.

    Find the HR Recruiter Job Description template here.

  4. Technical Recruiter

    A Technical Recruiter is responsible for screening and shortlisting of candidates for various technical positions. They are also responsible for implementing and organizing a diverse technical talent pipeline.

    In addition to this, the Technical Recruiter should have extraordinary communication skills and should be able to communicate with potential candidates online as well as in the office.

    The candidate should possess extraordinary decision-making skills, and the ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously. Furthermore, the candidate should also be proficient in using Applicant Tracking Systems.

    Check out the Technical Recruiter Job Description template and use this to hire faster.

  5. Headhunter

    A Headhunter is responsible for assisting inhouse recruiters and recruiting agencies to fill the open positions with the talented candidates. The Headhunter is also responsible for sourcing candidates via professional networking, social media platforms as well as from other internet sites.

    Phenomenal knowledge and understanding of HR software and HR Databases are vital for this job role. In addition to this, amazing analytical skills, strong communication skills, exceptional time management skills are the required skills these headhunters should possess.

    Use this Headhunter Job Description template to hire top talent for your organization.

  6. Payroll Clerk

    A Payroll Clerk is responsible for assisting the business administration regarding the management of employee benefits programs. The Payroll clerk’s job duties include calculating wages as well as entering payroll information into the system.

    The primary objective is to perform all the payroll processing with precision and accuracy. To be successful in this role, the candidate should be proficient in payroll software such as Payforce, Paychex, or something similar. This job position requires exceptional mathematical skills with the ability to pay attention to minute details.

    Customize this Payroll Clerk Job Description template and post as a job advertisement on job boards and social media networks.

  7. Talent Sourcer

    A Talent Sourcer is responsible for utilizing various channels to search for the best potential candidates and reaching out to these passive candidates. They are also responsible for building the talent pipeline for future employment needs. The ultimate aim of this position is to recognize hiring needs of the organization and fill these open positions with top talent.

    Prior work experience as a Talent Sourcer will be an advantage. A strong understanding of how to source candidates through social media networks and other channels is mandatory for this role. In addition to this, the prospective candidate should have solid administrative skills as well as time management skills.

    In addition to this, the candidate should also possess amazing networking skills, phenomenal decision-making skills, and the ability to manage time effectively.

    Use this free Talent Sourcer Job Description template and hire in no time.

  8. HR and Admin Officer

    An HR and Admin Officer is responsible for processing employee data as well as updating the policies of the organization. The potential candidate is also responsible for assisting the recruiting process. In addition to this, the HR and Admin Officer should assist daily operations of the Human Resources department.

    Being proficient in Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is mandatory for this job position. Furthermore, the candidate must be able to maintain the employee’s personal records accurately. Strong organizational skills, excellent communication skills, and solid customer service skills are the required skills these HR professionals should possess.

    Check out this HR and Admin Officer Job Description template thoughtfully crafted by the HR Experts.

  9. Staffing Coordinator

    A Staffing Coordinator is responsible for facilitating various tasks such as recruitment, orientation, and placement of employees in the organization. They are also responsible for ensuring that the organization follows all the necessary laws and regulations.

    Prior work experience in hiring, onboarding, and other relevant HR practices will be an advantage for the candidates. In addition to this, the candidate should possess exceptional customer service skills, amazing communication skills, and the ability to maintain a positive environment.

    Customize and use this Staffing Coordinator Job Description template to post your job advertisement on famous job boards.

  10. Recruitment Manager

    A Recruitment Manager is responsible for designing and supervising the hiring procedure of the organization. The candidate is also responsible for assisting Recruiters as well as hiring managers in hiring processes. In addition to this, they should also be familiar with all the recruitment activities such as recruiting, interviewing, screening, and evaluating candidates.

    The Recruitment Manager should have a thorough knowledge of labor legislation that is equal employment opportunity, anti-discriminatory laws, and many more. The position demands skills like strong communication skills, problem-solving skills, and the ability to work independently as well as in a team.

    Use this customizable Recruitment Manager Job Description template designed exclusively for you.

So, these are the top 10 job descriptions for Human Resources industry listed specifically for you. To hire the best talent in the HR industry, you need engaging job descriptions. The job descriptions you write will help you attract potential candidates and hire the best from a wider talent pool.

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