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What Busy Recruiters Really Want From Their Job

Kelly Barcelos on July 11, 2018 in Recruitment Process

As an employer, are you giving your recruiters the tools they need to stay efficient and productive? If not, they may not stay with you for the long haul. According to Gallup’s latest research conducted on the American workplace, more than one-third of U.S. professionals have switched their jobs in the last 3 years and over 90% of them left their companies in search of better opportunities.

Are your employees willing to stay with you or are they seeking greener pastures? The study also identified 5 factors that recruiters and hiring managers look for when considering a job change. Know what your recruiters really want so you can get them to stick with you longer and stay productive.

  1. The Flexibility to Do What They Do Best – Interviewing

    6 in 10 recruiters want a job that allows them to stay focused on doing what they’re best at. If your recruiters are unable to use their strengths, they are sure to get bored and frustrated.

    A busy recruiter’s work-life is typically spent juggling between posting jobs, making phone calls, screening CVs, scheduling interviews, sending emails and generating HR reports due to which the most important task takes a back seat – interviewing. Deploying talent acquisition software helps automate all the manual recruitment tasks and frees up the valuable time of recruiters so they can focus solely on interviewing.

  2. Better Work-Life Balance

    More than 50% recruiters say that a job that allows them to strike a balance between their personal and professional life is very important. Work-life balance is especially highly valued by women, millennials and Gen-Xers.

    Recruitment has never been restricted to a 9-5 schedule and so the mere mention of work-life balance in the recruitment industry will make many people raise their brow. These days recruitment has become an on-the-go job that requires recruiters to remain accessible round-the-clock. Fortunately, new advancements in HR technology are making a balanced work-life much more achievable.

    Talent acquisition software is transforming traditional recruitment practices with mobile recruiting, real-time team collaboration, automated social media recruiting, and video interviews. All of these features are designed to empower recruiting teams to meet hiring demands month after month without feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

  3. Consistent Communication

    Receiving at least 50 applications for every opening, communicating with every applicant, screening resumes, sharing the shortlisted profiles with the hiring team, sending interview emails – all of this consumes a big chunk of every recruiter’s daily routine.

    While it is important to communicate with each and every applicant through every stage of the sourcing cycle, ensuring timely and effective communication with everyone involved in the process requires the implementation of talent acquisition software.

    Designed to facilitate anytime, anywhere team collaboration with real-time dashboards, talent acquisition software also automates emails as your candidates progress through the sourcing funnel.

  4. End-to-End Visibility into the Recruitment Strategy

    In order to ensure that the recruitment process moves seamlessly, the hiring team needs to stay on top of the status of open positions, upcoming interview schedules, shortlisted profiles, and the most recent communications, consistently.

    But in the absence of talent acquisition software that offers real-time insights into the recruitment workflow; keeping a track of the recruitment lifecycle and communicating the established process to all those involved can be downright exhausting. Talent acquisition software gets your entire team onboard, tracks all the applicants at every stage and ensures that everyone stays on the same page from start to finish!

  5. The Freedom to Go Beyond Traditional Recruitment Tactics

    Recruitment has evolved dramatically due to the increasing difficulty that recruiters face when finding new talent. ATS-integrated social media recruiting, mobile recruiting and video interviews are a few major developments in the recruitment industry.

    The recruitment process has been digitized, employer branding is on the rise, the candidate experience is being optimized; talent analytics is converting everyday data into recruiting intelligence and all of this is allowing recruiters to work efficiently without feeling the pressure.

    So, if you want to stay competitive as an employer and want your hiring team to stay happy, healthy and highly productive, give them the power of automation by deploying talent acquisition software that takes every hassle out of their hiring process!

Kelly Barcelos

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