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LinkedIn is the best recruitment tool that allows you to access a huge talent pool. Read this blog to know the pros and cons of using LinkedIn for hiring.
Poonam Jamuni on April 29, 2020
We are pleased to offer a Free Jobsoid Subscription for companies and institutions fighting against the spread of COVID-19. Read this blog for more details.
Bhavit Naik on April 2, 2020
Sourcing passive candidates for your jobs is a tedious task. Read this blog to know tips for planning a killer candidate sourcing strategy for your company.
Sunny Chawla on March 19, 2020
Sourcing qualified candidates is a proven way for building your talent pool. Read this blog for candidate sourcing steps that you can follow right away.
Beatrice Beard on March 6, 2020
SaaSworthy rewards Jobsoid with three fantastic awards - Fastest Growing Software in ATS category and two others. Read this blog to know more!
Bhavit Naik on February 26, 2020
With advancements in technology, HR Professionals are following an agile manifesto for hiring best talent. Read this blog to know how HR can become agile.
Amanda Jerelyn on January 31, 2020
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