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Introducing gamification in recruitment process can make it easy, fun & effective. Read this blog about using gamification as a talent attraction tool.
Kelly Barcelos on March 22, 2018
Building an awesome team of stellar candidates is easy. Follow these recruitment hacks and hire the best with less efforts.
Kelly Barcelos on February 13, 2018
You should be more creative and thoughtful when questioning your candidates. Read this blog about how you can prepare yourself for your recruitment process.
Kelly Barcelos on February 11, 2018
Learn how recruiters can use marketing techniques and strategies to hire better and faster and get the best candidates.
Kelly Barcelos on February 8, 2018
Your hiring processes give you a competitive edge in the talent market. Read this new year resolutions blog and boost your recruiting efforts in 2018
Kelly Barcelos on January 31, 2018
Passive candidates think of new job opportunities but aren't looking for one. Read this blog to know the tips to attract passive candidates to your company.
Kelly Barcelos on January 25, 2018