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Well, you don’t really need an HR background or a how-to-hire workshop, to foster the skills of a star recruiter. You can easily go from being good to great, as a recruiter, if you inculcate these 6 qualities.
Kelly Barcelos on January 20, 2017
Today, smart recruiters are using modern tools for hiring. Here are 5 old-school recruitment tactics that you really should wave goodbye to now.
Kelly Barcelos on November 18, 2016
Today, recruiters need to think beyond ads and referrals for hiring. Jobsoid brings to you 6 tried-and-tested formulas for a sustainable hiring success.
Kelly Barcelos on October 7, 2016
Adapt ATS to make things quicker and easier for you and your recruiting team to attract top talent. Read this blog to know them better
Kelly Barcelos on August 23, 2016
Applicant Tracking System has made engagement with candidates easier. Read this blog about the few things recruiters need to focus on for better candidate engagement.
Kelly Barcelos on July 27, 2016
Jobsoid brings to you some of the best hiring tips, especially when you want to scale quickly and maintain sustained growth. Read this blog to know more!
Kelly Barcelos on July 8, 2016
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