Hire Top Talent using Recruitment Software

How To Hire Top Talent Using Recruitment Software

Kelly Barcelos on January 23, 2020 in Employer Brand

Finding and hiring the best talent for your roles is a top priority for any hiring teams today. The shortage of the desired talent having the required skill sets has made the recruitment market more competitive. Recruitment process has become so tedious that hiring managers are finding it hard to fill the required roles in time.

Also, there is a risk of losing on the shortlisted candidates. Recruitment software that streamlines this tedious recruitment process thus becomes the need of the hour. To hire top talent, you need advanced recruitment software like Jobsoid. Modern recruitment software like Jobsoid not just helps in simplifying talent acquisition but also helps in building your strong employer brand.

What is Recruitment Software?

Recruitment software can be defined as software that helps you in streamlining your tedious recruitment processes using advanced tools.

It optimizes your hiring processes so that you can focus on other aspects of the recruitment. For example – Employer branding, employee satisfaction, etc.

It assists your hiring teams in job advertising, candidate sourcing, interview scheduling, recruitment marketing, employer branding, and many other recruitment activities. It automates the repetitive, monotonous tasks; thus, frees up some time of hiring professionals.

How Can Recruitment Software Be Useful For A Company?

HR Professionals and Recruiters can use recruitment software to automate and streamline some aspects of the recruitment workflow.

Instead of processing paper resumes or spreadsheets containing candidate data, hiring teams or HR departments can use advanced resume parser. The resume parser extracts the required information and converts them into online candidate profiles created in just a few clicks. Recruitment software like Jobsoid has various tools for sourcing candidates and screening them.

In addition to this, recruitment software also provides you with tools for candidate management, interview scheduling, recruitment marketing, and much more. In short, you can hire top talent faster using a recruitment software.

How can Recruitment Software help me with employer branding?

Most HR professionals feel showcasing company culture and employer value proposition on a jazzy careers site is employer branding. Employer branding is not just about attracting talent. It is equally important to deliver a great candidate experience during the candidate’s first interactions with your talent brand.

Recruitment software helps you in optimizing the time you spend on mundane recruitment tasks. In addition to this, a modern recruitment platform also helps you in establishing a strong talent brand.

You should also be able to:

  • Advertise your jobs on multiple platforms to attract qualified candidates
  • Designing a customized job application form which simplifies the applicants’ journey on your careers site
  • Keeping your candidates engaged in the recruitment process with regular recruitment updates
  • Scheduling interviews seamlessly and sending out interview invites in a jiffy
  • Monitoring the recruiting performance with real-time reports

Choosing the right recruitment software can undoubtedly do wonders for your employer branding strategies and hence, your company. By setting expectations right, they can also help you in establishing that your organization is a great place to work.

How to Hire Top Talent using Recruitment Software?

Hire top talent using recruitment software to quicken and optimize your recruitment processes. Here are some of the best-recruiting tools your recruitment software should have. These tools will help you in strengthening your employer brand.

One-click Job Posting

Posting your jobs on all leading job boards and social media networks manually is a time-consuming process. Your hiring managers will have to create individual company accounts on each platform and update the jobs manually.

Recruitment software like Jobsoid allows you to post your open positions on multiple channels in just one click. Jobsoid is currently integrated with over 20+ job boards and social media channels. In addition to this, Jobsoid gives you a mobile-friendly branded career site exclusively for employer branding.

One-Click Job Postings

You can also have your jobs updated on your website careers page automatically. You just have to connect your website with Jobsoid using a short integration code.

By implementing recruitment software, you widen your reach and let your jobs reach out to all the potential job seekers. In a way, you are making your talent brand known to your potential candidates.

Built-in Resume Parser

According to a study conducted by Glassdoor, every corporate job attracts around 250 resumes on average. It certainly becomes very difficult to view these resumes and extract the candidate data manually in a standard format.

Applicant tracking systems like Jobsoid are powered by an advanced Resume Parser, which extracts all the necessary information from candidate resumes. It compiles this information together and presents it in a structured format in Jobsoid.

Jobsoid’s Resume Parser supports resumes in various file formats – .DOC, .DOCX, .RTF, .PDF & .TXT. In addition to this, you can also upload excel sheets or CSV files containing candidate data into Jobsoid.

Resume Importing

Another striking feature that this resume parser contains is its resume parser enabled email address. You can forward the candidate resumes you receive on your email to this mailing address. And, Jobsoid Resume Parser will create rich candidate profiles for you. You can then tailor your recruitment marketing approaches in the most feasible way and strengthen your employer brand.

Candidate Sourcing

LinkedIn is one of the world’s best professional networks. It is a great medium to source global talent. Therefore, your recruitment software should have a tool that would help you simplify your candidate sourcing process.

Recruitment software, Jobsoid, makes this candidate sourcing process easier. You can install Jobsoid’s Chrome Plugin and get started with candidate sourcing. Extract all the necessary information about the candidate using the chrome plugin. Jobsoid will convert these details and present them as structured profiles in your account.

With the recruitment market being candidate-centric, you should source desired candidate profiles and engage them in your recruitment process. It is an excellent employer branding approach.

AI-based Smart Filter

Finding the right talent from amongst hundreds of candidate applications is a tedious task and consumes a lot of time. Artificial intelligence and machine learning prove to be of great help in such cases.

Recruitment software like Jobsoid is powered by AI-based Smart Filter Intelligence, which makes shortlisting candidates a breeze. It identifies the essential skills from your job description automatically and rates the candidates based on their relevance to your job. You have a sorted list of candidate applications in the descending order of their score.

You no longer have to spend time reviewing hundreds of candidate applications. With Jobsoid’s Smart Filter, you can shortlist the best profiles in a few minutes. You can now speed up your hiring activities to make the best hire.

Easy Application Forms

A survey conducted by CareerBuilder states candidates do not wish to complete application forms that would take longer than 20 minutes. Having shorter application forms is hence a good practice for delivering a fantastic candidate experience.

Job application forms in Jobsoid can be customized according to your hiring requirements. You can add custom fields to capture your candidate’s responses to general questions while questionnaires for job-specific ones.

Customizable Application Form

Questionnaires in Jobsoid can be further customized by enabling question branching and logic. You have the flexibility to show or hide the questions according to your candidates’ responses. Thus, it helps you create shorter application forms.

In addition to this, you can add ‘Quick Apply’ buttons on your application form. This will help and encourage your candidates for one-click apply via Facebook and LinkedIn.

Centralized Messaging

Delayed communication is one of many reasons why companies are losing qualified candidates. With email being the primary communication method, there is a huge possibility that you could miss out on candidate emails.

Jobsoid is a recruitment platform designed in a way to keep your email inbox free from recruitment-related emails. The entire communication with your candidates takes place directly on their respective profiles. You can compose personalized emails or text messages using the rich text editor and merge fields.

In addition to this, Jobsoid also allows you to save your messages as templates. You can quickly insert these templates when composing emails/ text messages for your candidates.

Communicating with your candidates and keeping them updated about their recruitment status is an excellent practice for establishing your talent brand.

Recruitment Marketing

Sourcing great talent is just one part of an effective employer branding strategy. Engaging these candidates in your recruitment process adds a whole new dimension to your employer branding efforts.

Tools like recruitment marketing campaigns in Jobsoid help you in promoting your talent brand to the right talent with targeted messaging. You can also re-engage your existing candidate pool in your recruiting process. You can also fine-tune the company’s talent acquisition outreach with insights into the message deliveries.

Recruitment Marketing Campaigns

In short, Jobsoid helps you build relationships with your prospective candidates and deliver a great candidate experience.

Online Team Collaboration

Recruitment is a team effort, and every member of your hiring team plays a significant role in decision making. There is a communication gap in your hiring team due to their busy schedules.

Jobsoid brings your entire recruitment team under one platform and helps in better team coordination. Your hiring team can discuss your candidates, assign tasks to each other, schedule interviews, and a lot more. As your entire hiring process happens online, every member of your team is aware of what the other is doing.

In addition to this, you can also launch a candidate referral program for your team. It will help them refer the best talent for your job openings.

Jobsoid creates a healthy hiring environment online and engages your employees in your hiring process. Further, it aids you in making informed hiring decisions faster.

Smart Interview Scheduler

Scheduling interviews for candidates generally becomes a daunting task owing to the busy schedules of your hiring team and candidates. It involves a series of phone calls and email messages. It is very frustrating to see your thorough planning going waste when your candidates do not show up for interviews.

Smart Interview Scheduler hence becomes the need of the hour. Your recruitment software should be such that it allows you to schedule interviews for your candidates seamlessly.

Jobsoid’s smart interview scheduler has some advanced features which speed up the interview scheduling process. It checks the availability of your hiring team for interviews on their respective calendars. Based on your team’s availability, it suggests the best possible times for interviews. In addition to this, you can create interview time slots so that your candidates can choose a convenient interview time.

Smart Interview Scheduling

Jobsoid helps you in quickening your interview scheduling process and delivering a great candidate experience.

Intelligent Reporting

Following a recruitment process blindly without gaining insights into its performance is a complete waste of time. You need to sit together with your hiring team and evaluate the performance of your hiring process and identify the bottlenecks.

Dashboards in Jobsoid show your entire recruiting data in real time. It gives you an overview of your recruitment process as a whole in the form of graphs and charts. In addition to this, Jobsoid offers you a host of reports to monitor your recruiting performance. Source performance report, team productivity report, time to hire reports, to name a few.

Monitor your recruitment activities with the help of smart dashboards and up-to-date reports. Improve the efficiency of your hiring efforts.

When you introduce recruitment software in your hiring process, you not only optimize your recruitment process. But, also build your employer brand to attract and nurture the best talent.

Hire top talent using recruitment software today. Master the art of portraying yourself as an employer of choice. Start building your strong employer brand by signing up for a Free Account on Jobsoid.

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