256 bit SSL Security

We ensure that all data including sensitive information such as passwords, credit card details, etc. are transmitted in a secure encrypted format over the internet.

Increased reliance on web-based applications and cloud systems has led to the demand for better security, especially when private or sensitive data is at stake. Jobsoid is designed to work on 256 bit SSL Encryption, which helps to prevent data theft, password vulnerability, and other possible perils, as well as improve speed and performance.

With the security of the Applicant Tracking System’s 256 bit SSL Encrypted data, you can be sure that information about applicants, company procedures, employee profiles and other sensitive human resources records are completely safe. With the growing occurrence of data hacking and wireless break-ins, this becomes even more crucial.

In addition to safeguarding your records, Jobsoid’s use of 256 bit SSL Encryption also helps to prevent ISP throttling and bottlenecks, since this encryption is often used for sending and receiving sensitive data, and most ISPs try to ensure it isn’t backed up.