Data Security and Privacy

Your data is stored in secure data centers and we guarantee that no person except you has any access to your data at any point of time.

One of the most crucial concerns for any web-based system is the safety and security of data that is stored in it. Jobsoid is designed with the latest and most effective tools that help ward off potential data thieves, both internally and externally. Prospective candidates would also like to be assured that their contact information and other details are safe.

You can choose which information is available for other company personnel or external recruiters to view, and can even define the permission levels, so other users access only certain sections of the candidate talent pool. Since this often contains sensitive information about the applicants, it goes a long way toward building trust and security.

You could also decide to block access for a specified user, which gives you much greater flexibility and control over human resources records and reports. With the assurance of complete and customized privacy, Jobsoid gives you complete peace of mind!