Scheduled Backups

You do not have to waste your time and energy in manually backing up your data. It is regularly backed up multiple times in a day onto geo-redundant storage.

In addition to the other features that offer better security, performance, and speed, our Applicant Tracking System also includes a built-in failsafe to help you enhance your productivity. All the data stored in the cloud is backed up at regular intervals so that you can access an archived version of your records anytime you need to.

In case of human error, for instance, a situation where a user has accidentally deleted a candidate group, you will be able to retrieve the last backup and restore the missing data. You also don’t have to waste time and energy on cumbersome manual backups, since the whole process is automated and can be customized as per your needs.

As you probably have a lot of sensitive information passing through your email and in-house records, Jobsoid adds an extra level of security by backing it all up. You can also be sure that we will never use or share your private data for any reason.