Assign Tasks to your Team

Eliminate the hassles of assigning tasks and following up with your team members about the task status. Designate tasks to individual team members and simplify your recruiting process.

assign tasks to you team

The recruitment process can take a while before it manifests into candidate selection. Recruiting has many phases, from reviewing applications and then filtering out good applicants from the hundreds of applications that have come in, conducting multiple interviews and screenings that define the final candidate list for each job opening.

Typically, in companies of any size, each team member needs to be assigned a set of tasks to complete. This requires lots of back-and-forth communication on the part of the recruitment team members and other personnel involved in the process. It also leaves an opening for issues to creep in through miscommunication or outdated systems.

Recruitment teams often consist of multiple members, both HR, and non-HR personnel, who (without useful software at hand) could miss out on their given tasks or simply forget to open their email that day. Jobsoid takes care of all these nitty-gritty since it helps you create and designate selected tasks for each person involved in hiring.

The system provides an efficient feature where tasks assigned to users can be set up with reminders, and you can create to-do lists for yourself or other team members to handle. You can also set parameters in regards to the given tasks, to carry out the hiring process in a timely, efficient and easy-to-track manner.

All this happens on one platform, reducing the chance of tasks not being completed, and making follow ups easy – One team member can pick up where another left off, reassign part of the workload to others or just check to see if assigned tasks are complete.