Unlimited Cloud Storage

You never have to worry about available storage space. We offer an absolutely unlimited storage for all your recruiting data.

One of the biggest advantages to working on a cloud-based recruitment system is that you never have to worry about available storage space. Jobsoid allows you to store as much information as you need, from candidate profiles, scheduled tasks and interview calendars, to feedback and assessment reports.

Since you are not reliant on hardware restrictions or limited storage plans on external websites, you can set up unlimited user profiles too. Each user you set up in Jobsoid can add their own set of profiles, reports and more. The Applicant Tracking System will auto-scale itself to adapt to your organization’s changing needs over time.

When you’re receiving hundreds or thousands of applications for a job opening, you will need to store resumes, cover letters, ID/address proofs, certificates of experience, and various other documents. With Jobsoid, you will never have to delete anything!