Post Jobs Everywhere

Post your job openings on various free job boards, social media and your website careers page in just few clicks. You can also sponsor them on premium job boards and reach out to more number of candidates.

The information age job-seekers turn to social media for everything – even their next big job! Post your job openings on popular social media platforms and preferred job boards to drive top industry talent. You have created your openings – now go social and spread the word. This feature is designed to expand your reach by allowing you to post all your jobs on different sources from a single unified framework.

The advantages of posting your job openings on various top job boards and social media channels are:

  • Saves hundreds of work hours by integrating your careers site with social media
  • Relieves much of your time used in finding your ideal candidates so that you can focus on interviewing them
  • Automates the processing of all the resumes you receive from job boards and social media sites onto a centralized system
  • Makes it super easy to share your openings on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and top job boards

A few clicks can take your sourcing time from hours to minutes by giving you easy access to a large pool of potential candidates.

Leverage the social media to target A players every time you post a new job.